Facts about Mr. Ed

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Mr. Ed was a famous TV series that ran from 1958 to 1956. The show was about a horse who could talk and his owner, Wilber. Since Mr. Ed only ever spoke to Wilber his wife began to think he loved Mr. Ed more because of the amount of time they spent together. Being such an impressive horse he could easily get out of his stall and Wilber was blamed for all of the trouble that Mr. Ed caused. This series was later syndicated, one of the first shows to do so, on such networks as CBS.

Fact 1: The Mr. Ed TV show was based upon a series of Mr. Ed stories in a magazine.

Fact 2: The horse that played Mr. Ed in the TV series was named Bamboo Harvester. His name was later legally changed to Mr. Ed.

Fact 3: Mr. Ed spoke only to Wilber because he believed him to be the only person worth talking to.

Fact 4: Mr. Ed had a stunt double. His name was Pumpkin and while he was a quarter horse they looked very much alike. The one difference was a gold spot on Pumpkin that they covered with white makeup.

Fact 5: Singer Katy Rose lived in the house used on the show years after the show was over.

Fact 6: Alan Young was cast as Wilber because the producer said he, ‘œjust seemed like the sort of guy a horse would talk to.”

Fact 7: Alan Young did not let them name the show after him because he was afraid it would be a bust and didn’t want to be associated with a failed series.

Fact 8: Les Hilton, Mr. Ed’s trainer, had to be on set at all times to give gestures and command the horse because Mr. Ed was unresponsive to everyone else.

Fact 9: Every day Mr. Ed ate 20 pounds of hay and drank a gallon of sweet tea.

Fact 10: Mr. Ed could actually answer the phone and open the barn door, he just couldn’t actually speak.

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