Facts about Mountains

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When the Earth’s plates make a movement, this gives birth to some raised landforms called  mountains. Mountains are thus denoted if they have a height of over 1,000 meters. Mountains are found all over the globe and in almost every country. Mountains may be solid rocks, or they may be molten inside filled with extremely hot lava called  volcanoes.  Since a habitat is difficult to be established over mountains, in many parts of the world they are used for the extraction of important minerals. Whereas in some other countries they are a source of recreation for the foreigners. Here we list some interesting facts about mountains that might be unknown to you:

Fact 1:

Mountains are the high-rising landforms that cover approximately one-fifth of the total surface of the Earth.

Fact 2:

Occurring in about 75 percent of all countries of the world, mountains inhabit a population equal to 1/10th the total world population.

Fact 3:

Mountains not only exist on land, but they also form under water in great depths in the oceans.

Fact 4:

The highest underwater mountain is in Hawaii named Mauna Kea.

Fact 5:

The shape of a mountain is maintained by water and ice; unbelievable but true!

Fact 6:

The largest ever range of mountains that lies underwater is in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fact 7:

Do you ever wonder how the rivers get fed? Mountains feed almost all the major rivers of the world.

Fact 8:

The highest mountain in the solar system is the Olympus Mons located on Mars.

Fact 9:

Every year, the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest, grows about 4 mm. due to the movement between the Earth’s tectonic plates.

Fact 10:

An approximation is made that about 80 percent of all freshwater originates in the mountains.

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