Facts About Mountain Lions

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Mountain lions are big cats that are native to the North American continent.  They are commonly referred to by a variety of names like cougars, pumas, or panthers.  These cats are known carnivores or flesh-eating animals, and they are also very skilled in terms of hiding among the trees and bushes.  Many of these mountain lions are concentrated in the western parts of the U.S., but some can also be found in other areas including Canada and some parts of South America, like Argentina among others.  Here are some facts related to mountain lions or cougars:

Fact 1:  Mountain lions have the largest living range area among animals.  Many of them reside as far north as Canada and down to the southernmost tip of Argentina in South America.

Fact 2:  Mountain lions are solitary animals.  These big cats only stay with other cats during courtship periods.  Under normal circumstances, these cats prefer to roam around on their own and are extremely territorial.

Fact 3:  Prey of mountain lions are often attacked from behind.  Hunted and singled out by the mountain lions, their prey is often bitten at the back of the neck near the base of the skull.

Fact 4:  Mountain lions bury their prey after killing them.  Many may eat the meat of their prey immediately after attacking them; it is common behavior for these big cats to literally store their food by burying them in the ground.  The mountain lions will simply return to the burial site if they become hungry again.

Fact 5:  Cougars or pumas, as many people call them, are great climbers.  Their agility can help them climb over fences that are 12 feet high.  Their legs are also strong enough to jump and leap to about 15 feet.

Fact 6:  Female mountain lions protect their kittens by moving around in their own territory.  As a means of staying away from other cats and predators, female mountain lions who are nursing their kittens often move from one location to another within their living range.

Fact 7:  Mountain lions have long tails.  Their tails can grow as long as one-third of their overall body length.  The long tails are essential for the cats’ climbing and leaping abilities.

Fact 8:  Hunting time for mountain lions is from sunup to sundown.  These cats basically hunt for food all day, and they simply bury their dead prey when they are already full.

Fact 9:  Mountain lions are also known to travel long distances just to find food.  These cats can basically withstand various weather conditions that allow them to survive in different places.  Going to a faraway place is not a problem with them as long as the goal is to find food or catch prey.

Fact 10:  Pregnancy in mountain lions will last only three months.  At three years of age, mountain lions will also start to be sexually active.  It is only during this period that mountain lions will mingle with other cats.  In terms of offspring, it is common for female cougars or pumas to have one to three kittens.


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