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This world is full of majestic creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. The ones that can move about and have a sense of being known as living things have a general community known as animals. Animals range from big to small and have many different sub categories. One of the many categories of animals are the cow family. Having many different species like cows, llamas, camels etc. there is the moose family. Singular moose is called a moose and also, a group of moose is also called moose. Moose are wondrous creatures and are slightly overshadowed due to lack of appearance and knowledge by others. Most people know it as an animal with a mild nature that keeps hidden from unwanted eyes but there is so much to know about the moose community.


Moose are the largest members of the deer family. From hooves to their shoulders, they can grow up to around six feet in height and that is without the raising of the head or measuring up to the antlers. And that is also a whopping almost two metres off the ground with antlers included. Since they are so big, the average weight of a healthy moose is 1200 pounds but it is totally justified.


They have humongous appetites so they consume a bit up to over 70 pounds of food per day that includes plants, shrubs, small buds of flowers and aquatic vegetation.


Moose have a great fighting presence that can take down a pack of wolves and even a big bear using their powerful hooves and huge antlers but a sick or injured moose will go down easily if met with an opponent of that magnitude. Other than the huge opponents, small viruses and water ticks endanger moose just as much as larger animals.


The antlers on its head are found only on the males and they have a way of using them at the time of mating season more than they do in case of defending themselves. Moose use their hooves more in a fight rather than their antlers or paddles. In mating season, males will compete by batting their antlers against each other showing off their strength and power to attract the females.


Antlers shed each year. And they have velvety coverings. New antlers are refined by rubbing against trees and rocks. Antlers can tell us the age of the moose. A large moose will have the bigger and impressive antlers that will lead us to know that it is in between the ages of 7-8, while older moose usually have less impressive antlers.


Just as the size, antlers are heavy as well because the inner part is made of bones. Fully grown antlers are usually weighted around 40 pounds.


Baby moose are adorable creatures but cannot protect them or move very quickly for up to one year so they need help from their mothers to defend them and protect them.


Moose are great swimmers so it’s no surprise if you see one swimming in a lake. Even the baby moose can swim naturally and they can swim up to six miles per hour.


There are four types of moose in northern America known as the eastern, northwestern, Shiras and Alaskan moose.

FACT 10:

Moose are dying at an increasing pace and their numbers have decreased to 50% in the last two decades in North America. A single reason for this tragedy has not been found yet but nature preserves have been built to maintain a natural healthy habitat for moose.

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