Facts About M&M’s

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M&M’s sugar coated candies with chocolate inside has been enjoyed by many from quite some time ago in the United States of America. It is one of the most favorite candies of the people around the globe since the time it came to the markets during the Civil War in Spain.

Fact 1 Beginning of M&M’s

The recipe for this unique chocolate was first invented by Forrest Mars at the time of the Spanish Civil War. He found that the soldiers were enjoying chocolate pieces that were not melting. He found that the chocolate was covered with a hard coating of sugar that prevented it from melting even when the soldiers were out in the hot sun. He immediately applied for a patent and sure enough, he got his approval for manufacturing sugar coated chocolate candies on the 3rd of March 1941.

Fact 2 How the M&M’s Candies Look

The chocolate candies were initially of a single color and the size of a shell. The letter “m” was printed on one of the sides of the candy and the inside was filled with milk chocolate. Gradually there were new innovative color candies that resembled small, colorful buttons and were very attractive. Today they are instantly recognized all over the world by the first look and also because of the “m” letter printed in lower case on each candy.

Fact 3 Packaging Of M&M’s Chocolate

When the first product came to the stores for the consumers in 1941, they were packed in cardboard tubes. Later in 1948, the products were packaged in a different way for delivery. The tube was replaced by plastic pouch that was brown in color. This packaging is found till date.  Vegetable dye is used to print the letter “m”on each candy.

Fact 4 Varieties Of M&M’s Chocolate Candies

These chocolate candies were actually inspired by Smarties. A peanut coated with milk chocolate and a candy shell were the first products offered by M&M’s to customers in 1941. The main color of these candies in 1950 was brown. Around 1960 red, orange, yellow, green and violet were added. The violet color was changed and then tan color came in its place. The letter “m” was first printed in black. In 1954 it was changed to white. Later, other varieties were introduced like a pretzel, peanut butter, dark chocolate and crisps. The colors of the candies vary according to seasons.

Fact 5 Popularity

Although M&M’s Chocolate Candies owe their origin to the United States of America, today they are sold in more than 100 countries. These candies became so popular mainly because they did not melt easily and could be carried for long hours. The famous trademarks of the M&M’s is the letter “m” printed in white on every candy and its famous slogan “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.” These candies are prepared in special scientific methods so that they are convenient to carry even by soldiers who spend most of their time out in the open under the hot sun.

Fact 6 Nutritional Facts Of M&M’s Candies And Personalization

The traditional M&M’s milk chocolate weighs nearly 0.9 grams and offers 4.7 kilo calories that is 1.7 kcal energy from fat. There are now facilities of online ordering of these exotic candies and you are given the opportunity to print your special messages on the candy shells. Today there are 17 gorgeous colors to choose from. Packaging can also be customized according to the buyer’s requests. Personal images can also be uploaded on the personalized candy that makes gifting really unique. Fascinating new colors have been added to the collection of these colorful button candies from M&M’s like Shimmer Platinum, Golden and Silver.

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