Facts About Michigan

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Fact 1: The State of Michigan has several nicknames like: the Great Lakes State, Winter Water Wonderland, Mitten State, the Birthplace of Automobiles, and the Wolverine State.

Fact 2: Michigan is formed from two major peninsulas that are separated by the Mackinac Straits. The State is bordered on its south at 42 degrees north latitude by the states of Indiana and Ohio. Lake Superior, which is in the north of  the Isle Royale shore is situated towards the north of Michigan.

Fact 3: Michigan is bordered on the west by Lake Michigan and Wisconsin, in the east by Ontario and Canada, Lake Erie and Lake Huron, and the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers.

Fact 4: The capital of Michigan is Lansing, and the population of Michigan is around 9,883,640. The city in Michigan that is the most heavily populated is Detroit. Michigan is ranked in 8th position in the entire population of the 50 States.

Fact 5: The area of Michigan is 96,716 square miles. The states bordering the State of Michigan are; Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

Fact 6: The highest location in Michigan is Mount Arvon while the highest point is 1,979 feet. The lowest point is Lake Erie which is at a zero foot height.

Fact 7: The American Robin is the state bird of Michigan. The Apple Blossom and Dwarf Lake Iris are the flowers of the State of Michigan. The Eastern White Pine is the state tree, and the motto of the state is ‘œSi quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice. ‘œ

Fact 8:  The largest cities of Michigan are; Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Warren. The capital Lansing is ranked 6th among the largest cities of Michigan.

Fact 9: Michigan was added to the Union on January 26th, 1837 as the 26th State. The shoreline of the State of Michigan is 3,288 meters long.

Fact 10: Michigan State has an official children’s book entitled The Legend of the Sleeping Bear. The State of Michigan in the United States is in the Eastern Time Zone.

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