Facts About Mexico

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Mexico is known to be a country  where the mother language is Spanish, and its area is three times the area of Texas. Mexico, with Mexico City as its capital, is comprised of 31 states with another 1 known to be the federal district. Roadrunners are popular to inhabit this state, and Chilaquiles is a popular breakfast dish in Mexico that is made from green chili sauce, corn tortilla chips, cheese, and raw onions.

Fact 1: Mexico is known to have a population of about 10 million.

Fact 2: The largest bullfighting arena is found in Mexico. The name of the arena is the Plaza de Toros.

Fact 3: The play entitled, The Sound of Music was performed in Mexico with the title, The Rebel Novice Nun.

Fact 4: During the 19th century, one of the ambassadors of Mexico, named Poinsett, brought and introduced a plant which was later known as the Poinsettia where the plant got its name from the ambassador. Later it was brought to America.

Fact 5: Caesar Cardini is the one who first prepared the Caesar salad in the Caesar’s Palace restaurant which he owns and is located in Tijuana, Mexico. The salad received its name from Cardini.

Fact 6: Copper Canyon is a great competition held in the Grand Canyon of the United States. Copper Canyon is also known as Barranca de Cobre.

Fact 7: Sistema Ox Bel Ha is known to be the most elongated, underwater cave in the wonders of the world, and it has received the 8th rank among all world-famous sites.

Fact 8: Tourists will be able to find breathtaking geological features with unique and wonderful fauna in the Natural Reserve of Cuatro Cienegas.

Fact 9:  Cacahuamilpa Caves that are located in the State of Guerrero in Mexico are popular for being the biggest caves in the world.

Fact 10: The religious center to be found in Mexico is the Chichen Itza.

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