Facts About Mercury

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Mercury is a fascinating planet since it is very near to the sun. Hence, it is not easy to see it apart from during twilight. Mercury has no atmosphere and thus the sky constantly appears black.

Fact 1: You can view Mercury without using any additional equipment like telescopes. It can be viewed from earth as it passes across the sun, which is an event known as a transit.

Fact 2: Although Mercury is small, it is very dense with every cubic centimeter having a high density of 5 grams. Only earth has a greater density.

Fact 3: During the formation of Mercury, its iron core cooled and constricted thus becoming wrinkled. These wrinkles are known as scarps and they can be very tall and wide.

Fact 4: Despite being very close to the sun, Mercury is not the hottest planet but Venus holds this record. Nevertheless, temperatures on Mercury can reach 427°C on one side while on the other side it can be -170°C.

Fact 5: Mercury has the most craters compared to other planets. These craters are caused by the countless encounters with comets and asteroids.

Fact 6: Mercury is not an easy planet to survey and explore because it is very near to the sun.

Fact 7: Mercury rotates very slowly and this has significant effect on time. Actually, it takes 180 days on earth for Mercury to complete one day.

Fact 8: The rays of the sun are roughly seven times hotter on Mercury compared to the Earth.

Fact 9: Due to the absence of an atmosphere on Mercury, stars are visible during daytime.

Fact 10: Mercury is believed to have ice since there are some parts on its surface that are not at all heated by sun. Ice is said to form on the inside part of the numerous craters that can be found nearly everywhere on Mercury.


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