Facts about Maui

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1. Maui early Settlers
Maui is an island that was discovered by a Polynesian navigator and named after his son. It is said to be the best island one can dare visit. The Polynesians settled on this island about 450 AD and became its natives. These people set the rules and cultures on the island. Later on from the 700 AD there were more settlers from Tahiti on the island.

2. Myths about Maui
Maui is said to have gotten its name from a mythical creature whose head and body resembled the island. The legends said that the creature pulled the Hawaiian Islands from the sea with a giant fish hook. This creature was also responsible for binding the sun on Haleakala slowing down its movement.

3. Maui Statistics
Maui has two half islands joined by a valley. The island is 48 miles long and 26 miles wide. Maui has a population of 155,000 residents including 42,000 tourists. Maui receives an average of over 2,000,000 million tourists yearly.

4. Maui dormant Volcano
Maui consists of a dormant volcano known as Haleakala. This dormant volcano is the largest in the world and serves as a major tourist attraction. The volcano stretches 21 miles across with a depth of 45,000 feet. Over one million people trek to reach the summit of this dormant volcano.

5. Beaches in Maui
There are 81 beaches on Maui Island. All the beaches are public, and no one has a right to either own them or restrict people from enjoying their benefits. The types of beaches available in Maui include those that consist of white, gold, black, salt and pepper or red sand. This variety offers plenty of choices for visitors and the people who live in Maui. The red color on some of the beach sand resulted from the iron-rich lava content. Corals and shells make up the white sands.

6. Watching Whales in Maui
In winter, whales can easily be seen from the Island. The islands has no billboards hence nothing can block a clear view of the beautiful scenery. The Outdoor Circles, an environmental group campaigned against erection of billboards leading to their removal in 1920.

7. Maui Pineapples
Maui pineapples are believed to have three times the amount of vitamin C in ordinary pineapples. The nutrients help in boosting the immune system, healthy gums and they keep muscles and bones strong. Vitamin C promotes healthy living in general. The pineapples are grown on the slopes of the dormant volcano, Haleakala and take 18 months to ripen fully. Two pieces of the Maui pineapples are enough to provide for the daily needed amount of vitamin C.

8. Maui is Therapeutic
It believed that the life expectancy of Maui is longer when contrasted with other states. In Maui, there is a breath of fresh air and beautiful sceneries that calm the mind hence promoting mental and physical well-being.

9. Honokohau Falls in Maui
The Honokohau Falls are the highest waterfalls in Maui and the 2nd highest in the United States. These waterfalls drop in tiers that cover 1100 feet. Honokohau has extremely green scenery. The waterfalls have been featured in a scene on the “Jurassic Park” film and are most famous for this fact.

10. Maui’s Nicknames
Maui also goes by the names ‘Magic Isle’ or ‘The Valley Isle’. The reason for these nicknames is that when viewed from above, Maui looks like a big valley sitting between two mountains that formed the Island. Maui is also called the best because it offers spectacular scenarios. It is believed that if one does not find the best beach in Maui, they will never find it anywhere else.

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