Facts About Mars

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Fact 1: Mars is called the Red Planet and is characterized by its dusty red landscape. The atmosphere on Mars is very thin and is comprised of 95 percent of carbon dioxide, 1.6 percent argon, and 2.7 percent nitrogen, along with small amounts of oxygen and water.

Fact 2: Mars revolves at a speed of 24.2 km a second.

Fact 3: The planet Mars has a diameter of 6,785 km. The temperatures on Mars range from 32 degrees C to -100 degrees C.

Fact 4: One year in Mars will have 686.98 Earth days. It takes 24.6 Earth hours to rotate around itself.

Fact 5: The maximum distance of Mars from the Sun is 249 million km or 155 million miles.

Fact 6: Mars is situated at 35 million miles from Earth. In Roman mythology, Mars is called the God of War.

Fact 7: Two, tiny satellites revolve around Mars named Phobos and Deimos.

Fact 8: In August of 1877, Asaph Hall  found the Mars satellites Phobos and Deimos.

Fact 9: The first successful flyby mission to Mars was Mariner 4. The Mariner 4 was launched on November 28th, 1964, and it reached Mars on July 14th, 1965.

Fact 10: The first orbit of Mars that was successfully launched was Mariner 9. Mariner 9 was launched May  30th, 1971, and it started orbiting on November 13th, 1971.

Fact 11: The successful landing and orbiting on the Mars’ surface was done by Viking 1. Viking 1 was launched August 20th, 1975, and it landed on Mars on  July 20th, 1976.

Fact 12: A man weighing 100 lbs. on Earth will weigh 38 lbs. on Mars (0.38 times that of actual weight).

Fact 13: Mars has the highest mountain in the solar system called Olympus Mons, which is 78,000 feet above the surrounding region.

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