Facts About Maine

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Maine is fondly known as the holiday or vacation state due to its wealth of amazing scenery. The state also has old-world structural design, stunning forest parks and a picturesque coastline that make for an enjoyable and unforgettable visit. Maine has been mentioned in many reputable books as well as being the setting of several Hollywood films.

Fact 1: The most eastern city in America is found in Maine, specifically Eastport. The sun’s rays touch here first before any place in America and evening also comes sooner here when the sun is setting in the west.

Fact 2: Portland is the biggest city in Maine and surprisingly it is not the capital city.

Fact 3: Nearly all the toothpicks being used in America were produced in Maine.

Fact 4: By sharing its border with New Hampshire, Maine shares its boundary with just one state unlike other states in America.

Fact 5: The bottled water found in Maine is produced from the springs within the state. Furthermore, the state also contains more than 6,000 ponds and lakes.

Fact 6: There are over 50 lighthouses in Maine. These lighthouses are meant to protect ships from sinking due the numerous jagged rocks found on Maine’s coastal areas.

Fact 7: Maine has a rich supply of both lobsters and blueberries. Actually, nearly 90% of these two products can be easily traced back towards Maine.

Fact 8: An estimated 500,000 acres of Maine is under state and national parks. Moreover, the Acadia Park in Maine is second in America with regards to the number of visitors in a year.

Fact 9: In 1623 in the town of York, Maine, the first sawmill in America was established.

Fact 10: Maine has numerous deep harbors such that it is believed that it could hold all the world’s navies.


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