Facts about Macbeth

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The most popular drama “The tragedy of Macbeth” was efficiently spun by William Shakespeare roughly around 1599 and 1606. The climate of the play was designed to be the most tragic ever among the ten tragedies penned by Shakespeare. The story revolves around the life of Macbeth, a Scottish general, who happen to bump into a trio of witches that prophecy his chances of accessing the throne as a King of Scotland. Swollen by his ambition to kingship and his inciting wife, Lady Macbeth, he assassinates the existing King Duncan and acquires the throne. This filthy act wraps both Macbeth and his wife within the emotions of guilt. Their Scepticism and Enmity weaved with others push him to continue with the misdeeds eventually turning them paranoiac finally leading to their death.

Fact 1:

Macbeth was the shortest play with only 719 lines, half the length of Hamlet. But now it is considered to be quite longer due to the additions that were made to it in the nineteenth century.

Fact 2:

The part with the witches was initially ignored as it use was considered to be offensive at that time. The addition of the witches’ part was thought to take appearance due to the influence from King James who had affinity towards witchcraft and authored a book titled ‘Daemonologie’ was the ruler of Scotland during the Shakespearean age.

Fact 3:

The prediction of the witches’ in the play that Banquo descendents would claim the throne was also found to be historically accurate. James was the descendent of Banquo and hence the same is believed to have reflected in the play.

Fact 4:

The play Macbeth was written following a true incident called the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. According to the Gunpowder plot, an attempt was charted out to assassinate the ruler King James. The intenders were a group of English Catholics whose hopes of securing a greater religious tolerance faded away.

Fact 5:

King Duncan and Macbeth as portrayed in the play were real time rulers.

Fact 6:

The difference with the play was that Macbeth was known as Mac bethad. He claimed the throne after a younger King Duncan’s death and ruled it for a span of seventeen years. In contrast, King Mac bethad was known for his loyalty and was very generous giving out money like the seeds of a plant for planting.

Fact 7:

A bunch of performing artists believes that the name Macbeth carries a curse with it. The burning of the Globe theatre and the sudden unreasonable demise of the performing actors on the day or night before their performances is thought to have created this atmosphere for the name.

Fact 8:

King James was the person who helped out Shakespeare to carry out his theatrical performances. Hence James is said to have influenced Shakespeare to device a warning to those who attempted to assassinate him.

Fact 9:

The word ‘Rhinoceros’ was first used in the Macbeth play by Shakespeare.

Fact 10:

During the lifetime of Shakespeare there were no authorized copies published. Posthumously, after his death the play was published with authorization and Macbeth was the first to be published in print under his ownership.

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