Facts About Lung Cancer

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Lung cancer is considered the deadliest cancer and is the leading reason for cancer deaths occurring in the United States. Being aware of lung cancer is like taking the first step towards saying ‘œNO’ to lung cancer. Education and general awareness about this deadly disease has become the need of the hour. As more people are becoming addicted to smoking, the rate of lung cancer patients is increasing at a fast pace. Lung cancer has left behind other types of cancers by becoming the #1 reason for cancer deaths, especially in women.

Some of the facts that you should know about lung cancer are:

Fact 1: Lung cancer is the #1 reason for cancer deaths in the United States.

Fact 2: Around 155,000-160,000 people die due to lung cancer in the United States.

Fact 3: The five-year survival rate for this deadly disease is only 16.3% as only 16% of lung cancer patients are being diagnosed at an early stage.

Fact 4: Active smokers are more likely to develop lung cancer. About 90% of lung cancer cases are due to active smoking, the remaining 10% constitute occupational exposures, radon, asbestos, and air pollution.

Fact 5: Non-smoking workers exposed to asbestos are five times more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers not exposed to asbestos.

Fact 6: Passive smokers exposed to smoking are at a high risk for developing lung cancer.

Fact 7: Lung cancer accounts for 1.3 million deaths every year throughout the world.

Fact 8: Lung cancer is more common in blacks as compared to other races or ethnicities.

Fact 9: Nearly $10.3 billion per year is spent alone for lung cancer treatment in the United States.

Fact 10: The risks of for developing lung cancer remain even 20-30 years after quitting smoking. The risk of lung cancer cases over the past 33 years has significantly dropped for men by 22% while it has increased for women by 106%.

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