Facts about Luke Bryan

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1. Singer and Songwriter

Luke Bryan is a songwriter and singer of country music. He is best known for hits like ‘That’s my Kind of Night’ and ‘Drink a Beer’.  He released his debut album, I’ll Stay Me, with Capitol Records several years after moving to Nashville. This first album got him nominated to Academy of Country Music’s Top New Male Vocalist Award opening way of several other hit songs and albums. His albums like Spring Break, Tailgates and Tanlines and Here to Party have made him a bona fide star.

 2. Birth and Early Life

Born in July, 1976 in Georgia’s Leesburg area, Luke Bryan moved to Nashville upon graduation from high school in pursuit of his music career.  He was the youngest child of a farmer and always had an interest in music.

 3. Parental Influence

Luke Bryan’s parents raised him on their record collection that included country artists like Conway Twitty, George Strait and Merle Haggard. He got his first guitar at age 14, soon after; he became great at his voice and playing the instrument and began hanging around local musicians. He started a band in high schools, began performing musicals and writing his songs.

 4. He had shelved Nashville Plans

After completing high school, Bryan began his plans of moving to Nashville where he anticipated pursuing a career in country music. Tragedy struck amidst his plans as his elder brother, Chris, died in a car crush. He was devastated and put his Nashville plans on hold. He joined Georgia Southern University to stay close to his family as he worked at his dad’s peanut farm and played in local bars with an upcoming band on campus at night.

 5. Bryan’s Father pushed him to Nashville

Bryan continually wrote songs and released an album that he produced himself in Georgia. Worried that his son’s dream was slipping away, Bryan’s father encouraged him to move to Tennessee. He told him to pack his truck and get on the road or he was fired. His father knew that the best way to get his son on the path to a rewarding musical career was to get him to Nashville.

 6. Bryan’s 1st Songwriting Contract

Bryan shifted to Nashville in the fall of 2001 and got his first songwriting contract with a publishing house. He made performances of his own music at night in local clubs.  Capitol Record’s A&R representative spotted him one night performing and signed Bryan to the label. In 2007, Capital Records released the Luke Bryan’s first main record dubbed I’ll Stay Me. 2 years, a second album, Doin’ My Thing was released.

 7. Top Albums on Country Charts

Luke Bryan’s first two albums became top, at number two on country charts. His later release also generated 2 number one country singles namely ‘Someone Else Calling You Baby’ and ‘Rain Is a Good Thing. This initial success led to Bryan being nominated for the Top New Male Vocalist Award.  Country Weekly and Billboard called him the artist to watch.

 8. Tragedy amidst Success

In 2007, just as his star was beginning to shine, Kelly, Luke Byan’s sister met her sudden death at home. This event was worsened by the fact that the cause of her demise could not be determined by medical officials. After 2 years, Bryan released the Tailgates & Tanlines album whose 4 singles landed on top five country charts.

 9. Entertainer of the Year

Luke Bryan’s Spring Break Here to Party album hit number one on pop charts in 2013. Later in the year, Bryan scoped the Entertainer of the year and launched Crash My Party, his 4th studio album that hit number one on both pop and country charts.

 10. Country Music Association Award

Luke Bryan won his 1st Country Music Association Award in 2014. In the same year, he was named the Entertainer of the Year for a second year.

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