Facts About London

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London is the capital city of England, and it is also home to the Queen. The currency used is the British pound, and the major airport is Heathrow. Here are more fun facts that you may not know about London:

Fact 1: London is a very big financial center of the world alongside Tokyo and New York. It is also an essential cultural center.

Fact 2: London was the host of both the 1948 and 1908 Olympic Games. In addition, this city will be the host of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Fact 3: The history of London spans almost 2500 years starting with invasion of the United Kingdom by the Romans in 43 AD.

Fact 4: London has an extensive range of cultures, religions, and peoples. Actually, more than 250 languages are used within this city.

Fact 5: Regional dishes in London include kidney pie and steak, and black pudding made from pig’s blood. Oatmeal is also well liked as it is produced throughout London.

Fact 6: London comprises four major world recognized heritage sites. These sites bring countless amounts of tourists to this city every year.

Fact 7: Two ancient cities were joined together to form London. The first is the financial and business center of the U.K. and the second is Westminster where the government offices, Parliament, and Buckingham Palace are located.

Fact 8: Reputable London newspapers that are read throughout the globe include The Times, Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail.

Fact 9: Popular people who come from London include; Jerry Springer, television host; Mike Faraday, scientist, and Alfred Hitchcock, director. Shakespeare, the great playwright, is also from London.

Fact 10: An easily noticeable geographical feature of London is the River Thames which is navigable.

London is thereby an interesting place to visit due to its rich culture and history.

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