Facts About Lincoln Memorial

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In commemoration of the US’ 16th President Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Memorial was built in Washington, D.C. The Greek-inspired structure is one of the most famous attractions in Potomac Park of Washington, D.C. People from across the US and other parts of the world flock to this location and make a famous area for tourists. Many would take pictures of the huge statue of the sitting late President of the United States.

The following are some facts related to Lincoln Memorial:

Fact 1: The entire Lincoln Memorial is mostly made of Marble. The huge building with 36 huge columns is made of marble from the Colorado state. Lincoln’s sitting statue meanwhile is also made of marble that is sourced from the state of Georgia.

Fact 2: It took about 8 years for the Lincoln Memorial to be built. Construction of the building started back in 1914. The memorial designed by Henry Bacon was eventually dedicated by 1922.

Fact 3: About 4 million people visit the Lincoln Memorial on a yearly basis. This structure is of the more famous government structures in the US and is frequented by tourists not only from within the US but also from other parts of the world.

Fact 4: The Lincoln Memorial building features 36 enormous columns that actually represent the 36 states that became part of the Union back in Abraham Lincoln’s time. When Lincoln died back in 1865, a total of 36 states were already part of the Union.

Fact 5: 12 more states became part of the Union at the time of the Lincoln Memorial’s completion in 1922. By this time, the US was already composed of 48 states. The names of the additional 12 states are carved on the walls of the memorial. By the time, the 2 remaining states Alaska and Hawaii joined the Union, plaques containing their names were also added to the walls.

Fact 6: Abraham Lincoln’s own face was used to create the statue. The sculptor of the statue used plaster casts to basically copy the details of the late President’s face in making the statue.

Fact 7: The Lincoln Memorial was already planned about 2 years after the late President’s death from assassination. By this time, the Lincoln Monument Association was already created by the US Congress but the location and budget were not yet finalized. It was only in 1901 when the site of the memorial was chosen in the Potomac Park area of Washington, D.C.

Fact 8:
The designer of the Lincoln Memorial received a Gold Medal award for his work. Architect Henry Bacon received such an honor in 1923 from the American Institute of Architects.

Fact 9: The North and South walls of the Lincoln Memorial are inscribed with Abraham Lincoln’s famous speeches. The North Wall has Lincoln’s 2nd inaugural speech inscribed in it while the South Wall is where the very famous Gettysburg address is placed.

Fact 10: The famous Lincoln Memorial is pictured on US money. The five dollar bill has a picture of this memorial at the back since 1929. The reverse side of the US penny also features the Lincoln Memorial and this coin was in circulation from 1959 up to 2008.

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