Facts about Liechtenstein

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Liechtenstein is a European country that boasts of its unmatched beauty and unique type of ruling system that we rarely get to see in the modern world.

Fact 1 Geographical Position Of The Principality

Liechtenstein is a small country or more precisely a principality that is only 25 meters long and lies between Switzerland and Austria, in Central Europe in the Valley of the Upper Rhine of the European Alps. The exact location of the country is on the banks of the Rhine between St. Gallen, a Swiss canton and Voralberg, an Austrian province.

Fact 2 About The Country

The country covers an area of only sixty-two square miles. It is known to be the sixth smallest independent country in the world. According to recent statistics, it has a population of about 37,000 approximately. The country is comprised of 11 municipalities and each one consists of a village or a town. The capital city is Vaduz that stands along River Rhine. The largest city of Liechtenstein is Schaan that spreads over only 10.3 square miles. It stands on the northern part of the capital city Vaduz and nearly 6000 people live in this city. Vaduz is the administrative center and the national parliament of the country stands here.

Fact 3 Uniqueness Of Liechtenstein

The country is has a unique system of government. It is a constitutional monarchy, which is hereditary in nature, and the people do not elect leaders. However, elections take place on a parliamentary and democratic system. The king does not rule the country but it is controlled by a prince. Hence, it is called a principality and not a kingdom. Prince Hans Adam II Von is the head of the principality.

Fact 4 The People And Religion

Most of the people living in Liechtenstein speak in German and owe their origin to Alemannic Germans. They are mostly Roman Catholics. Small communities of Italians and Turks also live in this country. The main attractions of this beautiful place are the heritage buildings like the Medieval Castles, villages, alpin chalets and the capital city of Vaduz is the seat of culture that houses the sleek museum known as Kunstu Museum. It displays contemporary and modern art. The Postal Museum offers a glimpse of the postage stamps of the countrystamp collectors.

Fact 5 Liechtenstein Is A Wealthy Nation

It is a small country comprising of really a small population. But its economical position in the world is unbelievable which is mainly because of its immense profits on false teeth manufacturing business. It produces the largest number of false teeth in the world. Ceramics plays an important role in this field. Tourism has also contributed to the wealth of the coutry to a large extent.

Fact 6 Liechtenstein Is A neutral Land

In today’s world, where there is always a war of powers, this country is one among the three countries that is absolutely a neutral principality. Along with Costa Rica and Andorra, it does not have an active military force serving the country at any point of time. The last time, that this country sent soldiers to the warfield was in 1866 (Austro-Prussian War). Only 80 soldiers went to war but they did not see any kind of fighting whatsoever.

Fact 7 The Economy Of The Country

The economy of Liechtenstein depends mostly on industries that include electronics, dental products, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, and metal manufacturing. Apart from these, agricultuiral products like wheat, corn, barley, potatoes are grown and animals are also reared. They earn foreigh exchange by exporting connectors for audio and video gadgets, small specialty machinery, dental products and motor vehicle parts. Liberal tax policies and banking systems and laws have encouraged businesses and enterprises to grow their businesses in this peaceful country.

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