Facts About Libya

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Libya is a country in North Africa that is situated between Algeria and Egypt.  This country is home to more than 6 million people with the majority being Muslims.  Most Libyans live in the coastal regions of the country and many of them are in the capital city of Tripoli.  Being an oil-rich country, Libya is among the top 10 oil producers in the world.  Below are some other interesting facts about this country:

Fact 1:  A big part of Libya is made of desert. The Saharan Desert expands from much of this country to the other regions of Africa. This basically explains why most Libyans reside in coastal areas where the climate is much better.

Fact 2:  Libya is considered a very prominent and important city during the Roman Empire.  In those times, this country was among the centers of culture and commerce.  Before the Arabs conquered this Land, Libya with its capital city of Tripoli was considered an important post or area by the Romans.

Fact 3:  The independence of Libya was declared by their one and only king.  Back in 1951, King Idris of Libya proclaimed the independence of his country. Before this time, Libya was once ruled by Italy, France, and Great Britain.

Fact 4:  1959 was the year when rich oil reserves were discovered in this country.  The country is among the top 10 oil-rich countries around the world along with other countries in this part of Africa and nearby Middle Eastern region.

Fact 5:  Roman ruins are among Libya’s famous tourist spots. Being an important city during the Roman Empire, Libya is home to beautiful sites including ruins of ancient Roman structures.

Fact 6:  Libya implemented one of the biggest water irrigation projects in the world.  This particular project is named the Great Manmade River Project which involved the flow of water from the Sub-Saharan region to the coastal cities of Libya for drinking and irrigation purposes. Up to 6 million cubic meters of water are delivered to Libya’s coast through this project every single day.

Fact 7:  Muammar Gaddafi is considered the longest ruling leader of Libya.  An army officer, Gaddafi was the one who led the end of King Idris’ rule in this country.  Considered as Libya’s revolutionary leader, Gaddafi managed to retain his power over this country until his eventual death in the hands of rebel forces in 2011.

Fact 8:  2008 marked the year wherein Libya earned a rotating seat in the United Nations Security Council.  This came after the lifting of sanctions by the UN against this country a few years back.  Two years after, Libya was also elected to become part of UN’s Human Rights Council.

Fact 9:  Cyrene, a city in Libya, is mentioned in the Holy Bible.  The character of Simon was considered to be from Cyrene and he was the one ordered by the Roman soldiers to carry Jesus’ cross for his eventual crucifixion.  This part of the Bible can be found in the book of Matthew.

Fact 10:  Libya’s second largest city, Benghazi, became the site where the Libyan Civil War was born.  It was during this time when various uprisings against the rule of Gaddafi started in this city.

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