Facts about LGBT Bullying

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Along with some other prevailing problems faced by teens, LGBT bullying is a menace that is hitting the youth mercilessly these days. The statistics continue to grow worse. Some of the most commonly discussed facts are presented here.

Fact 1:

The gay bullying statistics from the LGBT community reveal that during the time from elementary school to high school almost one-quarter of the students become victims to bullying and harassment mainly due to racial and ethnic differences. (Bullying Statistics, 2009)

Fact 2:

Some statistics about LGBT also reveal that there is three times more of a tendency towards suicide in gay and lesbian teens than other youth of their age. (Bullying Statistics, 2009)

Fact 3:

At least once a day, there is a possibility that six out of ten teenagers get distraught or intimidated. (Queers United)

Fact 4:

75% of the school shooting incidents have been reported to be a reaction to bullying or harassment. (Queers United)

Fact 5:

In a survey conducted by the National School Climate Survey in the year 2003, 65% or even more of the students in the LGBT community felt insecure at school because of their sexual orientation. (Queers United)

Fact 6:

Every year, 1 out of 10 students in every school drops out of school due to repetitive maltreatment and harassment. (DoSomething.org)

Fact 7:

A national survey conducted of a sample of 760 students with ages ranging from twelve to seventeen gave shocking results. Kids who are gay or they are thought to be gay are mostly bullied. (Violence Prevention Works)

Fact 8:

It is estimated that approximately 5% to 9% of the youth who are gays, lesbians, or bisexual are unaware of their sexual orientation. (Violence Prevention Works)

Fact 9:

Bullying is abhorred by 71% of the students as they report it to be a problem at their school. (MBNBD)

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