Facts About Lent

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Lent is a celebration by Christians wherein they would be re-living the 40-day fast of Christ in the wilderness. The holiday starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter. This season is the time of  people’s confession of sins, sacrifices, and most important of all, prayers. Christians all throughout the world are observing this season such as the Orthodox, Protestants, and Catholics. There are some non-Christians who are voluntarily making their own sacrifices to observe Lent.

Fact 1: The word ‘œLent’ originated from the word ‘œlencten’ which means ‘œspring.’ The word ‘œlencten’ came from old, Anglo-Saxon English.

Fact 2: The color of the holiday is purple. Purple symbolizes repentance and loneliness because of sins.

Fact 3: The fasting during the early times was strictly only to allow people to eat  one meal a day.

Fact 4: For the Christians, this is the time wherein the luxuries of life should be removed to focus on simplicity, and that they are reminded that humility should be practiced consistently no matter how good their life is today.

Fact 5: After the legalization of Christianity during the A.D. 313, Lent also became legal to be celebrated by Christians.

Fact 6: In the early times, even the foods that the Christians were allowed to eat were also chosen. They were not allowed to eat meat, yet they can now eat fish for their meals. As the years passed by, the tradition was slowly changed. The eating of meat is now only prohibited during Ash Wednesday and Friday.

Fact 7: The counting of the fasting for 40 days does not count on Sundays.

Fact 8: In Rome, the fasting will last for six weeks counting Monday through Saturday while in Jerusalem, their fasting was only done from Monday to Friday making them fast for eight weeks.

Fact 9: Many churches have been showing their traditional way for the celebration of the Lenten Season by doing a Stations of the Cross in which the events that took place in the life of Jesus Christ before, during, and after His crucifixion were being shown to the public.

Fact 10: According to the early people, Lent was first practiced by the apostles.

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