Facts About Lemurs

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Lemurs are the smallest of all other primates also known as prosimians. Lemurs are found only in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands. One of the interesting facts about lemurs is that they resemble the oldest ancestors of primates based on the fossil remains that existed million of years ago.

Some of the interesting facts about lemurs are:

Fact 1: Lemurs became smaller in size since they had to adapt themselves to living in the trees and sometimes went without food for days.

Fact 2: The size and color of lemurs may vary which results in their often being misidentified as some other creature.

Fact 3: Although the ancestors of lemurs are primates, they don’t walk like other primates. They always walk using all four legs.

Fact 4: Lemurs often spend most of their time in trees, but some larger lemurs also live on land.

Fact 5: Lemurs are considered to be nocturnal, but many of them are also active during the daytime.

Fact 6: Lemurs are social creatures. They often live in groups. A typical lemur family may consist of 12-15 members. Another interesting fact is that the family may sometimes consist of only one female, and young male lemurs might be expelled from the nest to form bonds with other male-only families.

Fact 7: The lemurs’ vision is better at night compared to daytime.

Fact 8: Lemurs use their tail for balancing as opposed to other primates that use their tails for hanging.

Fact 9: Lemurs mainly eat fruits and nuts as they reside in the trees for long periods. When there is not enough food to survive, they tend to control their metabolic rate or even hibernate.

Fact 10: Female lemurs are the dictators in the family as they get to decide who stays in and who leaves the family.

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