Facts About Lego

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We all have played with building blocks when we were kids. But we never knew about the persons who gave us these amazing colorful blocks. Today Lego toys are available around the world and there is hardly a single child who has not used the blocks to build his/her own home and castle.

Fact 1 About The Company

Lego Group is a company based in Denmark and is owned by a family. It is famous for manufacturing Lego brand toys. The beginning of Lego Group dates back to 1932 when Ole Kirk Kristiansen started making wooden toys in his carpentry workshop. He named his company Lego which is an abbreviated Danish phrase “leg godt” which means “play well”. It was his ideal to present creative toys for kids. The Company has come down as ancestral property and is now owned by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. The headquarters are located at Billund, Denmark.

Fact 2 Growth Of The Company

Lego has been offering wonderful toys for more than 80 years. It all began at a carpenter’s workshop and today it is a globally recognized manufacturer of toys. Initially the company manufactured step ladders, ironing boards and then gradually started making wooden toys and then in 1934 it named itself as Lego. It had only 6 employees in 1934 but by 1942 it had forty other people to carry out the production of toys. It was the first company to adopt new technologies and use new materials for production.

In 1947, they manufactured a new type of bricks that had pegs on the top with hollow bottoms being inspired by a British toy. But these were made of plastic and were not very well accepted. In 1958, Godfred Kristiansen patented the present standard Lego toys that had roof bricks comprising of 28 sets and 8 vehicles known as Lego System of Play. But the fire mishap in 1960 was a great blow and the company stopped manufacturing wooden toys and started concentrating on plastic toys. The designs of the bricks however remained the same.

Fact 3 Uniqueness Of Lego Toys

Unique toys came to the stores manufactured by Lego Toys, Lego wheels were the new invention of 1961. What makes the bricks so unique is the interlocking system inside the tubes. The blocks can be used in various ways that inspires kids to be more creative.

The accuracy of the bricks too makes the toy outstanding. The blocks that were patented in 1958, 28th January, are still compatible with the blocks that are manufactured today.

Apart from the blocks, Lego manufactures other toys also like the figurines, wheels, gears and other parts that allow the children to build their own vehicles, buildings and even robots. Other things included by Lego are games, competitions, movies and there is an amusement park that is based on Lego themes. The tallest Lego Tower is made with 465,000 bricks and is 28.7 meters high. Lego Minifigures are available all over the world and it has been estimated to be over 4 billion.

Fact 4 Other Products From Lego

Lego toys are regarded as the Toy of the Century. Although various other products are manufactured regularly, the original Lego bricks are the foundation of all toys. It has offered the modern world with Lego robotic sets that can be built and programmed by students for participating in competitions also.

The Lego video game series is quite popular among children that include Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Star Wars, Lego Rock Band and Lego Batman.

Lego toys are used as educational toys also for which it occupies a place in the National Toy Hall of fame since 1998.


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