Facts About Lead

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Lead is one of the members of the Table of Elements, and it belongs to the non-metal group. Lead is commonly used as an ingredient in harmful and poisonous materials like pencils, gasoline, fuels, batteries, and many more items. Lead can be found almost everywhere in the environment, and governments are using careful observations of the element because of its harm to the health of people, especially children and pregnant women. Primarily, lead can be found through heating ducts with the use of hot air.

Fact 1: Lead contamination may result in permanent brain damage especially to children.

Fact 2: Many institutions as well as countries have been taking action to prevent lead contamination in the air, water, and other environmental factors that put a person’s life in danger.

Fact 3: Lead is associated with the planet Neptune, and alchemists believed that it is the oldest metal found in the world.

Fact 4: Lead is one of the materials used in fishing sinkers and firearms as projectiles because of its low melting point.

Fact 5: Lead is a very good absorber of sound.

Fact 6: The chemical symbol of lead is ‘œPb’ which came from its Latin name, ‘œplumbum,’ and the word ‘œlead’ came from the Anglo-Saxon.

Fact 7: There are 74 isotopes present in the element lead, but only 4 of them are known by scientists as being stable.

Fact 8: Lead makes up the Earth’s core with the percentage of 0.0013.

Fact 9: Lead silicate, with the chemical symbol PbSiO3 , is one of the main ingredients in making several types of glass with the production of paints and rubber.

Fact 10: Fireworks and many kinds of pyrotechnics use lead nitrate (Pb(NO3)2)

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