Facts About Laughing

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Have you ever thought about why people who laugh more look healthier than others?
Laughter is a powerful and inexpensive medicine that can heal a wide variety of diseases. Laughing is an instinctive response to different types of situations. Many people practice laughing as a way of overcoming pain, embarrassment, and difficult situations.

Some of the interesting facts you should know about laughing are:

Fact 1: Laughing relieves stress and pain. Many people do not know that the human brain is capable of triggering laughter for certain humorless situations. In situations like humiliation, embarrassment, and pain, laughter can help relieve stress and pain.

Fact 2: The more you laugh, the healthier you will become.

Fact 3: The stress hormones, cortisol and epinephrine, affect the immune system of the human body. Laughing often can bring down the levels of stress hormones.

Fact 4: Laughing releases certain neurochemicals that help create a positive state of mind.

Fact 5: Laughing can help supply more oxygen into the system. It can help relieve pain, tension, stress, and anxiety.

Fact 6: Laughing more often can help you to look younger and strengthens the immune system.

Fact 7: The sound of laughing is found to be contagious. Studies also show that women tend to laugh more than men.

Fact 8: Laughing has the same exact effect on the human body as exercise.

Fact 9: Laughter has a healing power that can be great for a sound mind and body.

Fact 10: Laughter is a great team and social builder. Studies show that we tend to laugh more when in a social gathering than alone. When we laugh in a social gathering, we tend to break the racial and communication barriers around us which helps us to develop self-confidence and trust.

Fact 11: People who laugh more often have a tendency to become popular and also have a great influence on other people.

Fact 12: Laughter connects people from different origins.

Fact 13: Laughter helps in building relationships and human bonding.

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