Facts About Lamb

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Lamb refers to very young sheep. Sheep that are young and up to 1 year of age are commonly referred to as lambs. Older sheep meanwhile are called muttons. Lambs or sheep are interesting animals and the following are some facts about them and their meat:

Fact 1: The meat from lambs is sought-after by the finest chefs in the world. Lamb meat is known to be very tender and best for various recipes. Many people also prefer lambs over muttons when it comes to lamb meat.

Fact 2: Lambs and sheep are famous for their very good memory. These animals are considered very intelligent that they are said to remember and recognize up to 50 different sheep and even humans for a long period of time. Similar to human beings, the young lambs also have a certain brain process that helps them remember the other animals and humans they meet.

Fact 3: Sheep are known to self-medicate when they become sick or ill. by chewing on a variety of grasses, a young lamb for example will be able to help itself from a mild illness.

Fact 4: Lambs can easily recognize their mothers when being called. These young sheep have very good hearing and are intelligent enough to distinguish the call or bleat from their own mothers compared to other sheep.

Fact 5: Lambs and/or sheep are sacred to many cultures and religions. The Egyptians for example consider these animals as blessings and when they die, they are also mummified similar to what they do with human beings. The ancient Sumerian people also considered sheep and lambs as their gods. This belief is very evident in their writings called Cuneiform scripts.

Fact 6: Sheep also have great eyes for detecting other sheep and possible threats. Their vision field reaches up to 300 degrees which makes lambs and sheep literally see what is behind them without having to move their necks and heads.

Fact 7: Lamb meat is typically eaten without any processing involved. They are smoked, salted, and/or seasoned with basic spices to produce the desired flavor. The meat from young sheep is also very tender making it a favourite for many chefs and people in different parts of the world.

Fact 8: The meat from lambs is a healthy source of protein. This red meat is known to pack high-quality protein that is lean enough for good healthy. There is a small fat content in the meat from lambs of sheep making it ideal for people who are conscious about their health.

Fact 9: Young lambs typically stay close with their mothers and other sheep. For the sheep family, closeness to each other is developed early on their lives. These animals have a basic tendency to stay in a group or herd making them easy to manage during farming.

Fact 10: Lambs and sheep have great communication skills. The lambs for example are able to create different sounds when communicating with their mothers. Different sounds and calls are also made when interacting with other sheep. These animals also use their ears in communicating their emotions.

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