Facts About KONY

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Fact 1: A non-profit organization was created in the early 2012 called Invisible Children. The organization was founded by a filmmaker called Jason Russell.

Fact 2: This organization created a video documentary that is 30 minutes in length titled ‘œKony 2012.’

Fact 3: The documentary describes in detail about the rebel in Uganda known as Joseph Kony. The video further explains the various crimes he has committed against children and civilians.

Fact 4: This documentary became very famous in a short amount of time and has recorded more than 37 million views.

Fact 5: Kony is the leader of a militant group called Lord’s Resistance Group. This group is a branch of the armed resistance movement called the Holy Spirit Movement in Northern Uganda.

Fact 6: The Holy Spirit Movement was founded by Alice Auma in the year 1987. The army appears to be protected by a holy spirit. The Holy Spirit Movement conducted battles against NRA forces for managing the land. The movement carried out many bizarre practices that appeared weird to the outsiders. The people in the army were smeared with blessed oil so that they can resist bullets if their soul is pure.

Fact 7: The LRA split off from the Holy Spirit movement due to some differences between them. Alice did not kill war prisoners or civilians  or kidnap any children.

Fact 8: The LRA was later found to be involved in abduction, violation of human rights, sexual harassment of women and children, mutilation, murder, and pressurizing children to become involved in hostilities.

Fact 9: LRA also seems to be involved in cannibalism. Therefore, Kony is considered an offensive,  deviant character rather than a representative of God.

Fact 10: The information on Kony was revealed by Jacob who talked about the outrages done by Kony. Kony left Uganda in 2005 and is surviving somewhere. They want the people to be careful.


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