Facts About Kleptomania

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Kleptomania is a psychological disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to steal things that are not even needed. Kleptomania is a serious mental condition that can prove dangerous for the person committing the act. Many a times the person is not even aware of the act. The disorder is different from the common act of stealing as the person often develops an urge to steal things that are not needed or of little value for non-personal reasons.

Some of the facts about kleptomania include:

Fact 1: The term ‘œkleptomania’ was first coined in 1816 and is categorized as  an impulse control disorder.

Fact 2: Kleptomania as a disorder can be very harmful to a person and needs to be treated immediately. Diagnosis of kleptomania is often difficult as the person suffering from this disorder does not seek medical help, and the initial stages of psychological tests may not detect the disorder.

Fact 3: Research shows that 0.6% of the total population across the world may suffer from this disorder, and it is predominant in females.

Fact 4: People with kleptomania often exhibit tense behaviors prior to committing a theft and may feel immense pleasure after committing the act.

Fact 5: The driving factor for committing theft is not hallucination, drugs, or anger.

Fact 6: People who are depressed often commit theft, and the thrills experienced while stealing may give a sigh of relief or pleasure to them.

Fact 7: Building positive, intimate relationships, a good upbringing, and emotional support can decrease the cases of kleptomania and any other related disorders.

Fact 8: Kleptomania is treated by improving impulse controls and the treatment of other correlated disorders.

Fact 9: Rational, emotive therapy and medications, such as antidepressants, are also used for treating kleptomania.

Fact 10: Other related disorders of kleptomania  include: social phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders, bulimia, and a depressed state of mind.

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