Facts About Kleenex

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Kleenex is a company who first invented and introduced the self-titled brand of tissue that can be used in cleaning. The brand is not just like any other brand that when the moment comes that it was being wet. The tendency is to dissolve and to be broken, but the brand of Kleenex demonstrates a good example of a tissue with a good quality because it does not easily get deteriorated. And the brand is soft and enjoyable to use by consumers which is why many people choose this brand to be connected to their everyday use.

Fact 1: The brand of Kleenex was invented by Kimberly Clark during the time of World War I.

Fact 2: In the year 1929, there were different colors of Kleenex tissue being introduced to the public, and later, in that same year, tissues with different designs were being invented by the same company.

Fact 3: Kleenex is the first company who introduced the pop-up cartons during the year 1928.

Fact 4: There are also Kleenex tissue styles that can be handy for people who are always traveling because the handy pack was also invented by the company.

Fact 5: And if you are in a situation that you have dirt on your hands and you do not have soap and water around you, the Kleenex Wet Wipes will help you get rid of the dirt because the alcohol is put into it, and it was made for a more comfortable experience.

Fact 6: Facial tissues, hand towels, dinner napkins, and Splash-and-Go Wet Wipes are the products of Kleenex that you can purchase in stores worldwide.

Fact 7: The Moist Wipes are just like Wet Wipes that will help you to feel fresh and clean wherever you go.

Fact 8: Dinner napkins are commonly used during dinnertime because they are the type of napkin that will take care of the spills that people have while eating.

Fact 9: Hand towels have thicker pieces because they are intended to be used in drying your hands after washing them.

Fact 10: Facial tissues have colorful designs as well as there are other styles that you can choose from.

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