Facts about Kittens

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Cats and its offspring kittens, regarded as the most popular global domestic pet, have been around since 9000 years ago in ancient Egypt.  As of 2008, an estimated 600 million cats around the world have found homes to rule.  Historically first domesticated to get rid of rodents, cats are hardy felines with pronounced companionship attributes. Kittens’ physical characteristics and endearing personalities are sufficient reasons for being the first choice of pets for domestic homes.

Fact  1.  The word kitten 1350 ‘“ 1400 originates from Middle English ‘˜kitoun’.

Fact  2.   
Kittens cannot consume milk as it can cause diarrhoea.  Kittens are lactose intolerant as they do not have the enzyme ‘˜lactase’ for aiding in the digestion of milk. The result is fermentation and building up of gas which culminates in diarrhoea.

Fact 3.  
Kittens have ‘˜baby teeth’ and  are replaced with adult teeth from 6 months of age.

Fact 4.  
Kittens aged 2 to 4 months were sacrificed as mummies between 332 B.C. and 30 B.C. in Egypt.  The kittens were wrapped as tightly as possible, and placed in a sitting position before mummification, similar to the seated cats depicted in hieroglyphics from the same era.

Fact 5.
Kittens are known to lick themselves to keep cool. Due an absence of sweat glands, the saliva will act as a cooling agent.

Fact 6.
Cats purr during inhalation and exhalation at a frequency between 25 to 15 Hertz.  Research has indicated that this range of sound frequency can improve bone density and promote healing. The next step will be to transform these findings to benefit Man.

Fact 7.
Kittens will stop purring at the sound of running water.

Fact 8.
The Beckoning Cat is a figurine of a kitten that replicates a Japanese folklore. The folklore is associated with a cat shrines in a temple called Gotoku-ji near Tokyo. The cat kept by the temple priest was responsible for bringing fame and prosperity to the temple. Hence figurines of the cat have become famous especially at the entrance to restaurants.

Fact 9. 
Cats has always been held sacrosanct by ancient civilizations. Egyptians regarded cats as a religious idol, the Romans associated cats with the goddess of liberty, Greek mythology described the travails of being transformed into cats. In later European culture, cats were associated with witches and the art of the occult.

Fact 10.
Cats are known to react positively to acupuncture treatment. Vast majority of cats can sit through an acupuncture session, sitting in Zen like mode.  Acupuncture is practised most often for problems like arthritis, back pain, tendon injuries, hip or elbow dysplasia, and physical problems of the nervous system.

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