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Flying kites is not only interesting but also fascinating. People love to fly kites because of the exhilarating feeling one gets by flying kites in defying the law of gravity is simply extraordinary. The passion for kites existed thousands of years ago, and it is sure to continue. It is also believed that kites were flown even before paper was discovered. Today, kites have taken many shapes, forms, and sizes. Kites are not only popular but also carry historical and cultural significance in many countries around the world. Kites are used not only for representing celebration but also for scientific purposes. Kites represent cheerfulness, harmony, and happiness in some countries like India and China. Kite festivals are a part of every country in the world. In India, kite festivals are celebrated for months. Adults are more fascinated about flying kites than children.

Some of the little-known facts about kites are as follows:

Fact 1: The first kite was flown in 1000 BC in mainland China.

Fact 2: The first kite was made of tree leaves.

Fact 3: Kites are commonly used for protecting crops in fields, weather prediction, and also frightening bad spirits.

Fact 4: In Thailand, kite fighting has around 75 rules.

Fact 5: Flying kites was completely prohibited in Japan in the year 1760 as many people found it more interesting than working.

Fact 6: The idea of airplanes and flights were derived from the theory of flying kites.

Fact 7: Kites represent joy, happiness, and harmony in many countries.

Fact 8: The biggest kite in the world stretched into the sky about 630 sq. meters.

Fact 9: Kites are also flown for medical reasons in countries like China as they believe that staring at kites up in the sky improves one’s eyesight.

Fact 10: The Japanese used kites as a way to lift objects like tiles while building shrines and temples.

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