Facts About King Cobras


King cobras are the most venomous of all snakes and can ‘œstand up’ and look an adult in the eye. King Cobras are the favorites of snake charmers. They are predominantly found in India, southern China, and southeast Asia.

Fact 1. The King Cobra is the largest serpent in the world. Their bodies can span up to 6 meters in length before they reach the age of adulthood. On reaching adulthood, they can reach up to 18 feet.

Fact 2.   The King Cobra is the only known snake that is able to consume other snakes. These can also include poisonous snakes.

Fact 3.   When Cobras meet, they tend to encircle each other, and challenges will take place. The winner of the challenge is normally the one with the longer body length.

Fact 4.  A scientific study has discovered that a bite from a King Cobra can kill an elephant within an hour.

Fact 5.  When a King Cobra bites a human, there is a good chance it does not release any venom. Like any snake, a King Cobra can control the amount of venom it produces, only using it when it wants to eat. The amount of neurotoxin a King Cobra can inject in a bite is potent enough to kill 20 people.

Fact 6. King Cobras are the only snakes that create nests to hatch their young in.

Fact 7. Female King Cobras are known to possess an excellent memory. This was proven in a study where a few female Cobras could remember their captor.

Fact 8.  King Cobras are usually at the top of their respective food chains. They are not easily overtaken by other animals. However, in a few places, their predators are the Mongoose and the occasional human.

Fact 9. The normal Cobra is usually shy and is known to hide when a human approaches their territory. A King Cobra, however, will start hissing, rear up, and prepare to attack.

Fact 10. Synthetic Cobra venom is used in pain relievers and arthritis medication.

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  1. Jake

    June 28, 2021 6:49 pm

    King cobras are NOT the only snake to eat other snakes. This is just completely wrong. It is more uncommon to have a snake that won’t eat other snakes


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