Facts About Kevin Hart

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Kevin Hart is one of America’s funny actors that have achieved success with hard work and determination. Starting off as a stand-up comedian, Hart also earned success as an actor and writer in the US showbiz industry. Below are some facts about this funny American:

Fact 1: Kevin Hart sold shoes for a living before he became famous for his comedic antics. After he earned his degree from a community college in Massachusetts, the young Kevin Hart earned a job as a shoe salesman.

Fact 2: His album entitled “Laugh At My Pain” is what makes Kevin Hart very famous as a comedian. This particular album was so popular that it reached quintuple platinum status in terms of sales. Hart achieved this feat back in June 2012.

Fact 3: Kevin Hart used comedy as a form of diversion from his family life struggles. Hart’s father was technically absent from his early life because of drug problems. Kevin Hart was raised by his mother and was said to resort to joking and laughing as a way to numb his internal pain. This childhood experience eventually led Hart to become a successful writer and stand-up comedian.

Fact 4: Hart was not successful with his early gigs in comedy clubs. After he graduated from college, Hart was hopping from one comedy joint to another but could not find great success. In his early years as a stand-up comic, Hart only performed in small venues.

Fact 5: Kevin Hart won several stand-up comedy contests early in his career. His hard work in performing in small clubs and with the help of mentor Keith Robinson eventually led to his exposure in bigger comedy clubs across different parts of the US.

Fact 6: Aside from being a stand-up comedian, Kevin Hart also explored acting by appearing in various movies. These movies include Soul Plane, Death at a Funeral, and Scary Movie 4 among others. His exposure in these movies and the popularity of his stand-up concerts also landed Hart a role in the Comedy Central series called Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire and The Big House series in the ABC network.

Fact 7: Kevin Hart also became host of the Video Music Awards by MTV. This particular gig happened back in 2012 which is supposedly the peak in Hart’s popularity in the comedy showbiz world of the US.

Fact 8: Kevin Hart is friends with popular basketball star, Dwayne wade. Hart even regularly pokes fun at his basketball star-friend in many of his stand-up gigs in different venues across the US.

Fact 9: The popularity of his Laugh at My Pain comedic tour eventually led to the creation of a documentary series about Kevin Hart. The album reached 5x platinum status while the whole tour reached almost 100 cities in the US and grossed over 15 million dollars in sales.

Fact 10: Hart’s brand of comedy is commonly likened to other comedy greats like Bernie Mac and Steve Harvey among others. He is considered one of America’s funniest and is commonly mentioned among these respected names in the industry.

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