Facts about KCI

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Potassium chloride (KCI) is an abundant salt that can be prepared chemically as well as extracted from natural resources like the oceans. This chemical compound is very essential for our body and it also has strong medicinal significance. In its very pure state, KCI is a white, odorless compound having close semblance with typical table salt, NaCI2. Despite being common, this salt has a number of facts attached to its unique character that are not known commonly. This article throws light on some of such imperative facts about KCI.

Fact 1:

Potassium chloride occurs in nature as the mineral sylvite and this compound resembles common salt in its structure. (About.com)

Fact 2:

Like all the other compounds of potassium, the salts of KCI also give off a lilac or violet color when burned. (About.com)

Fact 3:

Potassium chloride is a halide salt, which means that it contains halogen atoms in its formation. (Articlesbase)

Fact 4:

Potassium chloride mostly occurs in ocean water and is retrieved by different methods of extraction. (Articlesbase)

Fact 5:

Potassium chloride salt is a good treatment for patients with low level of potassium in their body. It is administered orally or injected into the body. (Ehow, 2009)

Fact 6:

Despite being useful for the body, the intake of KCI at high levels is extremely dangerous. It can cause serious side effects. (Ehow, 2009)

Fact 7:

Not only good for human body, this salt is equally beneficial for agricultural soil. Some studies have revealed that crops of potassium rich soils are richer and fully ripened.  (Wise Geek)

Fact 8:

KCI helps to ‘œsoften’ the ‘œhard’ water. This is due the chemical bond that it has, that helps it to overcome the hardness of water. (Wise Geek)

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