Facts About Karl Marx

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Karl Marx, the famous economist and journalist, was born into a Jewish family in Prussia on May 5, 1818. His father was a noted lawyer in Trier, a city in the southern Rhineland region who was converted to Christianity during the reform of the Napoleonic wars. Young Marx went to Trier Secondary School to complete his studies. Karl Marx authored several socialist writings along with Frederich Engels. Karl Marx became famous for his socialist movements and establishment of communist theories.

Some of the interesting facts about Karl Marx are:

Fact 1: Karl Marx is known to be one of the greatest economists the world has seen. His ideas and theories played a major role in the development of the Socialism and Communism.

Fact 2: Karl Marx authored and published several writings that got him expelled from Germany and France. During his studies at the University of Bonn, Karl Marx lived a lively and rebellious life and also got arrested for his drunkenness, unpaid debts, and disturbing peace at the campus. At the University of Bonn, he was attracted to philosophical ideas of the Young Hegelians.

Fact 3: He authored The Communist Manifesto in 1848 along with Friederich Engles which got him expelled to London where he authored Das Kapital.

Fact 4: Karl Marx established the communist League in the year 1847.

Fact 5: A Karl Marx monument stands in the German city of Chemnitz and also in Berin.

Fact 6: In 1836, Karl Marx was engaged to Jenny von WestPhalen, a sought-after lady from an upper-class family.

Fact 7: Karl Marx moved into journalism in 1842 and started a liberal newspaper to generate awareness among people. His articles mainly covered economic areas that forced the Prussian government to shut down the paper.

Fact 8: Karl Marx is the man who discovered the law of Development of Human History and the special Law of Motion influencing the present-day capitalist mode of production.

Fact 9: Karl Marx also authored a polemic called The Poverty of Philosophy in opposition to the idealistic socialist work of P. J. Proudon.

Fact 10: Karl Marx was a revolutionary. He always believed in contributing to society by eradicating the capitalist socialism and supporting the liberation of the modern proletariat.

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