Facts about Kansas

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Kansas is a mid-west state, in the United States, which claimed its title as a free state on 29th of January, 1961. Kansas is one of the most important agricultural providers, reaching to the 15th most expensive city in the United States.

1. Kansas gain its nickname as Bleeding Kansas after a civil war between pro-liberty supporters and pro-slavery adepts. The fail of the Kansas-Nebraska act due to election fraud started a civil war which caused extensive human loss, therefore its nickname of “Bleeding Kansas”.

2. Smith County, part of Kansas State, is known as the geographical center of the 48 contiguous states. The intersection between Kansas 281 and Kansas 191 is calculated to be the half point between San Francisco and Boston. Another similar spot is Knisley, Kansas, at the intersection of U.S. 56 and U.S. 50 which is called “Half Way and Place to Stay” between New York and San Francisco each of them being 1,526 miles away.

3. Wichita is considered to be the air capital of the world due to its prospering industry in aerospace manufacturing and high aero traffic. Wichita gained its title in 1928 and is the number one manufacturer in Business Facilities.

4. Dorothy Gale, female character from famous Wizard of Oz is a little girl from Kansas living with her aunt and uncle. She is a dreamer trying to imagine what’s hiding over the rainbow until one day when something strikes her farm in Kansas and whisks her off to a whole new world.

5. Smallville is a fictional city in Kansas created as the hometown of Clark Kent, future Superman, the most famous super hero.

6. In 1966, contemporary writer Truman Capote published his book “In Cold Blood”, a story which was created after a 300 word article Truman wrote for New York Times about a violent mysterious murder of a Kansas farmer and his family.

7. Walter Chrysler from Kansas, is the great inventor of the luxurious automobile. At 32 years old, Chrysler was a mechanic at Union Pacific Railway. After four years he was already working for Buick Company, shortly reaching the CEO position of Chrysler Corporation, rapidly increasing company’s sales despise competitive Ford.

8. Jack Kilby is a name to remember as he invented the microchip, a supporting device for micro processing, making the existence of today’s computing system and smart phones possible. Born in Kansas, Kilby is a highly educated researcher and winner of the Nobel Prize.

9. Lindsborg is a city in Kansas known as “Little Sweden”. Originally founded by Sweden immigrants in 1869, Lindsborg’s Swedish population is over 30% and today, is preserving its Nordic traditions through numerous downtown souvenir and gift shops plus several Dala horses, wooden painted horses popular in Sweden.

10. Kansas is the third largest wind energy supplier in US along with Texas and North Dakota. Due to its unfavorable spring and early summer climate, several wind farms were settled taking advantage of natural energy. There are already some wind farms across the state plus many others waiting for approval.

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