Facts About Joseph Kony

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Joseph Kony was one of the Ugandan leaders who led a revolution against Northern Uganda and other adjoining countries. One of the roles he performed during his childhood is that he became an altar boy and that he loves to dance. He did not finish his education because he wanted to pursue what he really wanted to do, and that is to heal other people.

Fact 1: Joseph Kony became the topic of the social media and a related video where he was involved  in 2012.

Fact 2: Joseph Kony was born in the year 1963, but some studies are claiming that he came into the world in the year 1961.

Fact 3: His father is known to be a layman in the Catholic Church, and that was the reason why he became an altar boy.

Fact 4: Joseph Kony and his group have killed many people from Uganda, Central African Republic, South Sudan, and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Fact 5: He has imprisoned more than 35,000 children, and he had kidnapped many people in the school boarding houses back in Uganda.

Fact 6: The dying wish of Nora Anek, the mother of Joseph Kony, was that Kony would make peace with the government of Uganda.

Fact 7: Odek Primary School was where Joseph Kony received his education, but if tourists would want to find it nowadays, all they would find are the ruins of the school.

Fact 8: Joseph Kony is the youngest child of Luigi Abol and Nora Anek.

Fact 9: The cousin of Joseph Kony, Alice Lakwena, is known to be the Alcali Joan of Arc, and that  her first few battles were accomplished in an amazing way and led them to victory.

Fact 10: A massacre was made by the group of Kony that led to the killing of 250 innocent people.

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