Facts About Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash is a famous musician who is also referred to as the “Man in Black”. He can sing, play the guitar and even writes songs making him a true talented artist. He is more famous for his country music contributions but his songs also have other influences like gospel, blues and rock. For many people in the music industry, Johnny Cash is considered one of the great singers and musicians of all time.

The following are some facts about Johnny Cash:

Fact 1: Johnny Cash joined the US Air Force when he was a teenager. Many people may have only known as a singer but he actually served the Air Force. It was after his service that he pursued his passion for music.

Fact 2: Johnny Cash did not have formal vocal training but only had three singing lessons. In his early teenage life, Cash took informal singing lessons but after only three sessions, his teacher basically told him he didn’t need any more lessons. His unique voice was said to be unique enough that he should not try to deviate from it.

Fact 3: The young Johnny Cash was a known law-breaker and was even jailed for seven times. At one time when he was jailed for trespassing, Johnny Cash even broke his foot while attempting to escape.

Fact 4: Johnny Cash started to pursue his passion for music while he was in Germany. As a member of the US Air Force, he was stationed to be a radio intercept officer in Landsberg, West Germany. It was during this time that he started doing live shows along with his friends.

Fact 5: Johnny Cash also worked as a salesman before he became famous in the music industry. After his service in the Air Force, Johnny Cash returned to the US and got married. While in Tennessee, he was able to get a job at an appliance store.

Fact 6: Frankenstein is one of Johnny Cash’s favorite movies. During his childhood, the young Cash was said to be very fascinated by the monster created by Dr. Frankenstein in the movie.

Fact 7: Many of Johnny Cash’s songs are gospel-inspired. Some of his songs have also hidden meanings. One of his hits “I Walk the Line” is said to have hidden messages pertaining to his faith. These messages were hidden at the time because of the disapproval by Sam Phillips.

Fact 8: Johnny Cash and his band mates always found trouble when touring different places. Cash and his band mates were known to thrash any hotel they stay in. There was even a time when they let loose 500 baby chickens inside the hotel causing disruption and chaos.

Fact 9: The scar on Johnny Cash’s face is a constant reminder of facial surgery gone wrong. Back when he was part of the US Air Force and stationed in Germany, Cash underwent a surgical procedure to remove a cyst on his face. This particular procedure was supposedly not well-performed and it resulted in a prominent scar.

Fact 10: Johnny Cash is the ultimate “Man in Black” because of his black shirts when performing in concerts. Johnny Cash wore black in his first ever live performance and this started his always-black shirt policy in many of his performances.

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