Facts About John Tyler

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John Tyler is the 10th President of the United States of America.  He assumed this post from 1841 to 1845 when President William Henry Harrison died. Tyler was Vice President at the time and he is considered to be the first non-elected President of America.  Aside from being the first vice President to assume the US Presidency, here are some other facts about John Tyler:

Fact 1:  John Tyler’s first wife was the first “First Lady” to die in the presidential residence called the White House.  Letitia Tyler passed away after only 1 year of being First Lady.

Fact 2:  John Tyler is a father to a total of 15 children.  Eight children were born from his first wife Letitia while the other seven children came from second wife Julia.

Fact 3:  John Tyler earned the reference of “His Accidency” when he assumed the Presidential role after his predecessor died.  Being the first Vice President to become President of the US, Tyler had many detractors dubbing him as “His Accidency” because he was said to have only become President by accident.

Fact 4:  John Tyler was playing with marbles when he was given news about the death of President William Henry Harrison.  This incident basically paved the way for Tyle to become America’s first non-elected President.

Fact 5:  Most of Tyler’s Cabinet members left office at the time of his presidency.  At the time when John Tyler vetoed the second bill that would enable the US government to establish a national bank, most of the Cabinet members resigned except for Daniel Webster, his Secretary of State.

Fact 6:  One of John Tyler’s sons actually served during the American Civil War.  John Tyler Jr. was a member of the Confederacy and served as Assistant Secretary of War.

Fact 7:  John Tyler was the major proponent for the inclusion of Texas into the Union.  Referred to as the Annexation of Texas, this part of American history is greatly attributed to Tyler because during his term, he signed into a law the resolution regarding the joining of Texas to the Union.

Fact 8:  John Tyler was to become the lone president to become part of the Confederacy.  All other US presidents before and during his time were supporters of the Union or federal government.  After his presidential term, Tyler went on to join the Confederacy and was even elected as part of the Confederate Congress.   With his actions, Tyler was considered a traitor by the US Federal government.  Tyler’s death while serving the Confederacy was not officially recognized until several years later because of his actions.

Fact 9:  John Tyler was among the few presidents who never got the chance to be officially inaugurated.  This is due to the fact that he instantly became President when then-President William Harrison suddenly died of pneumonia.

Fact 10:  The North American border between the US and Canada was officially signed through a treaty between Great Britain and the US through John Tyler.  The Webster-Ashburton Treaty basically laid out the specific borders of the two countries.

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