Facts about John Brown!

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The world’s history has seen many activists who have sacrificed their life for the cause they’re fighting for, be it the rights of slaves or be or eradicating evil dictators or bringing justice to the ones being oppressed. John Brown was one such hero, who dedicated his life for bringing an end to slavery. Here are some facts which will take you through his tumultuous journey to end the stigma of slavery.

1. John brown was born on 9th may, 1800 in the town of Torrington, Connecticut but a major chunk of his youth was spent in Ohio. From the very beginning Brown was raised on the Principles of the Holy Bible, which is perhaps where his hatred of slavery takes origins from.

2. Brown had a strong sense of family and is reported to have married twice and has fathered twenty children.

3. Brown tried his hands at many businesses such as tanneries, Shepherding, land speculation, sheep raising, conducting etc. and during this period he became aware of the black people being oppressed as he interacted them with quite often during the period where he conducted the Underground Railroad.

4. According to him slavery equaled the sum of all villainies, and he realized this at the age of 12. His war with Slavery began however when he saw an African American boy being beaten to death.

5. After the release of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854, John Brown along with his five sons moved to Kansas to abolish Slavery. His motto was that there could be no Remission of sin without the Shedding of Blood. His exact words upon moving to Kansas were “I am here to promote the Killing of Slavery’

6. True to his words, Soon after moving to Kansas Brown led a small troop of men to Pottawatomie Creek, a skirmish in sued which resulted in the brutal killing of five men by John and his men. Later on in another raid on Missouri another slave owner was killed and 11 slaves were freed of their master.

7. Brown spent most of 1856 touring New England raising money for his cause. He soon had an army of recruits, funds for guns and weapons. Another attack was planned for August that year, which led in the killing of His Son Fredrick. But this did not deter Brown from his cause, If possible it further strengthened his resolve

8. In 1857 John Brown shifted his Plans to the South, Spending a year, conspiring against forces, and ordering a thousand six foot pikes amidst the process, he began training his recruits for combat. Armed with his plans to invade the south and Abolish slavery for good. Brown returned to Missouri under the name of Shubel Morgan and led a raid there, which resulted in the killing of one man and capturing several slaves who were then transported to Canada with him.

9. These Altercations and Skirmishes now labelled John Brown as a criminal in the Eyes of both the Missouri and U.S Government and rewards were placed for his head all over the country. Ironically he was labelled a hero and a symbol of hope in the North and he began to receive a lot of support for his cause in the form of followers and funds both.

10. His final plan to invade the Arsenal of Harpers Ferry was carried out in 1858, October 16th. Brown led a troop of 21 trained men, 16 white and 5 black to the Arsenal, but they were soon discovered. A bloody battle soon followed with all of brown’s men getting trapped and Brown himself getting injured. He was captured by the authorities and sentenced to Hanging 30 days later.

Brown indeed sacrificed his life for the abolition of slavery but the methods he employed could have been a little less violent. However he still holds the title of a martyr in the eyes of the people. Salute Sir!

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