Facts about Johann Sebastian Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685, in Eisenach; he was the most youthful offspring of Johann Ambrosias Bach, organist at St. George’s Church, and Elizabeth Lämmerhirt Bach. He was the prodigy of the family’s long line of performers, starting with his amazing granddad, Viet Bach, who was an expert violinist in Gotha. The name Bach was viewed as an equivalent word for artist and thus was adopted by the family.

The Bach family was to a great degree faithful to the Lutheran confidence. All through the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) the religious turmoil influenced four eras of Bach’s, who remained steadfastly loyal to their Lutheran influence.

Following are some facts about the Johann Sebastian Bach that are bound to have you intrigued.


Johann Sebastian Bach had a place with a broadened line of musical artists named Bach, just about eighty of which are known (over half are organists). He comes from a family of enlightened musicians who were blessed with an array of talent. From music composers to singers, from organists to musicians, the talented Bach family had them all.


He turned into a vagrant at 10 years old, first losing his mom and after that his dad. He lost his dad approximately 10 years after losing his mom.


Bach was not perceived as one of the best arrangers ever until the 19th century when Mendelssohn and Schumann cheered his virtuoso.


In spite of the fact that best known for his virtuosity and organizations on the organ, his first music lessons were on the violin.


Johann Sebastian Bach was born approximately 326 years from now in Eisenach. Amazingly, his work is still fresh and invigorating.


An amazing part of Bach’s legacy is the American metal band Skid Row. Their lead artist, Sebastian Bierk, is better-known by the stage-name Sebastian Bach. While his name has a conspicuous impact, it’s undecided whether Skid Row’s ‘Diamondback Shake’ and ‘Youth Gone Wild’ are musically obliged to Bach’s spearheading polyphony.


Artistic depictions of the Bach family are few and far between, however maybe the most intriguing one originates from 1941. ‘Friedemann Bach’ recounts the tale of one of Johann Sebastian’s children’s battle to escape the imaginative shadow of his dad.

Fact no 8:

Bach is known to be a family man, he loved children and had a total of 20 children! It is well known that he looked after and provided for all of his children equally. Not only did he make sure that they had all the material items that they require but he also tried to impart his musical knowledge to them. Maybe obviously given the measure of family he had around him, Bach wedded his second cousin Maria in 1707. She was the mother of seven of Bach’s 20 youngsters – yet just four of them made it to adulthood.

Fact no 9:

Bach had a spiritual element in his nature, owing to this he incorporated the number 14 and 41 into his musical compositions abundantly. These numbers were in fact derived from the alphabets of his very own name and thus held a very special place near him.

Fact no 10:

One of the most talked about event of Bach’s life is probably his keyboard centered duel with Louis Marchand in 1717. On the day of the duel Louis, fearing the defeat and the associated humiliation ran away and thus the duel did not take place.

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