Facts About JFK’s Assassination

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John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States from 1961 until his death in 1963.

Fact 1.  During his visit to Texas, prior to his assassination, the CIA was assigned to plan a route that would give him maximum exposure to crowds.

Fact 2.   The assassination attempt was done on Elm Street which was the second road the President took in order to reach his destination.

Fact 3.    The assassin was perched on the corner of a building. The first shot missed the motorcade completely and  was ignored by the spectators who thought it was a firecracker.

Fact 4.  The second shot hit JFK and Governor Conally. The Governor survived the attack but not JFK.

Fact 5.  The main aim of JFK in going to Dallas was to strengthen the Democrats for the 1963 election.

Fact 6. His second reason for going was to quell tensions caused by extremists. He had also received a report that a U.S. ambassador was attacked prior to his arrival.

Fact 7. For the funeral arrangements, his widow, Mrs. Kennedy, requested for the funeral to be based upon that of Abraham Lincoln.

Fact 8.  Before the burial, JFK’s body was left in state at the  Capitol rotunda for 21 hours for civilians to pay their respects.

Fact 9. Representatives from more than 100 countries attended the ceremony.

Fact 10. The assassination of JFK was allegedly conducted by one man named Lee Harvey Oswald who was a former marine.

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