Facts about Japanese Food

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Japan is a land of splendors and tastes. The Japanese food is famous all over the world for its flavors and variety. Here are some striking facts about the Japanese food.

Fact 1:

Japanese are very fond of eating raw food; the raw horse meat tops the list of Japanese favorite cuisine. (Yahoo Answers)

Fact 2:

Noodles are a must item in every classic restaurant in Japan and if you do not slurp while eating noodles, you are being rude according to the Japanese tradition. (Yahoo Answers)

Fact 3:

There is a grave misconception about the Japanese food that sushi has to be raw fish!! But actually the word ‘œsushi’ just means ‘œvinegar rice’. It does not have to include a raw fish in it. (Japanese Center)

Fact 4:

Rice is yet another popular item in Japanese food. About 70% of all Japanese consume rice at-least once a day in their meals. (Japanese Center)

Fact 5:

Rice is always eaten plain combined with any other thing in Japan. In modern cuisine however, you can have flavored rice too. (Japanese Center)

Fact 6:

Japanese pizzas are mostly topped with mayonnaise and corns. They seldom use cheeses for topping. (Busuu.com)

Fact 7:

An interesting fact to know about the Japanese food is that fruits are very expensive costing almost $2 for a single apple or peach. Fruit is a luxury in Japan! (Busuu.com)

Fact 8:

Tea is practically served with each and every meal of the day in Japan! (Busuu.com)

Fact 9:

The Japanese course almost always starts with Sashimi, a dish of raw seafood or red meat and then they move on to sushi for main course. (Yamato)

Fact 10:

A surprising fact about the Japanese food is that sushi and Sashimi altogether consume almost 80% of all the Bluefin tuna around the world! (Yamato)

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  1. NN

    March 15, 2017 5:36 am

    I’m Japanese and I don’t think these facts are true in Japan.
    We rarely eat raw horse meat (I’ve had it only twice in 20 years), fruits are not luxury, pizza always has cheese on it, etc.
    Please don’t take these facts above seriously!


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