Facts About Japanese Culture

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Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun is well known for its tradition lifestyle and culture that dates back to the time of Jomon who were the first settlers in Japan.

Fact 1 Evolution Of Japanese Culture

While studying the cultural aspects of Japan it has been noticed that Japanese culture has developed over the years starting from the pre-historic era of the Jomon to the present day mixed culture of various countries. Today, all countries welcome all religions and cultures willingly and so every country has developed a new system that is a combination of various cultures.

Fact 2 Some Ancient Traditions
However there is certain traditional culture that is maintained by the Japanese till today. You will see women wearing their traditional dress – the kimono and carrying umbrellas over their heads or huge wrestlers in the wrestling rings. The traditional cuisines, certain social customs and performing arts contribute to the ancient culture of Japan.

Fact 3 Basic Culture In Japan
The basic culture of Japan has evolved in layers from time to time. The name Japan brings to the mind the picture of ancient Samurai warriors, Kimonos and Umbrellas or the Young Geisha serving sushi and tea. There are however other interesting aspects of Japanese culture that is wider in all ways. A Japanese word “omote” refers to the behavioral patterns that are ingrained in the culture of Japan. It shows how to behave towards others, in everyday life and also in business settings. “Ura” refers to the more valuable aspects of informal unconventional and private culture. The Japanese lay great importance to the rules of behavior that has come down from the ages towards their own family members and friends.

Fact 4 Importance Of Outside Appearance
According to Japanese culture, people give more importance to outside appearance and behavior towards others. One’s presentation of self even towards outsiders is valuable to them. Hence the businessmen in Japan are compared to Samurai warrior. Japanese are proficient in mask game and they believe that by showing the true nature one can never succeed in life or come to any negotiation.

Fact 5 Social Ranking Is A Part Of Japanese Culture
Japanese people give great importance to status and social ranking. Another aspect that is prominent unlike other countries is that everyone is aware of another’s age. There are companies that display the ages of their employees also and are distributed to all employees. According to age, positions and rankings in the workplaces and seating arrangements with desks are done. The age difference is visible even in the ways they address each other. Language expresses the age difference.

Fact 6 Concept Of Wa
Group harmony or working together is important part of Japanese culture which is denoted in the word “Wa”. They believe that working together is more important than one’s own requirements. This concept is prevalent in schools, social groups as well as workplaces in later life. This is conducive to great success and unity of the institution, companies and the country as well. Moreover, respect and importance is given to elderly people and their experiences. Inferior or those who are young must consult and take the advice of elders before taking any decisions so that there is no problem later on. Japanese lay stress on appearance also.

Fact 7 Modern Entertainment
The popular culture of Japan reflects both the attitude and beliefs of modern age and also shows the brilliant past of the country. Films, television programs, music and video games have developed from traditional art forms and the modern technology has given these a better form that provides great entertainment and helps to get rid of tension and stress for people who work all day. It has been found that today retired people and teenagers spend more time alone with these entertainment forms rather with groups.

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