Facts About J-Lo

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Jennifer Lynn Lopez, commonly known as J. Lo, is a globally known American dancer, singer, producer, author and fashion designer. Her career in the entertainment industry began with a minor role in the film My Little Girl, which was released in 1986. Her parents did not approve of her acting career as they did not deem it appropriate for a Hispanic female. Her character in the film ‘Out of Sight’ brought worldwide fame to her alongwith earning her money over $ 1 million. She made quite an imapct in the American film industry and she began her career in the music industry in 1999. On the 6, was her debut studio album.

 1) Early Life:

J Lo was born on July 24, 1969 to David Lopez who was a computer specialist and Guadalupe who was a kindergarten teacher. She was born in the Soundview area of Bronx, New York City. She has two sisters named Leslie and Lynda and she is the middle daughter of the three.

2) J Lo’s Immense Popularity:

She is equally popular with teens and elderly lovers of the showbiz. She has been credited as the World’s Most Beautiful Women by People magazine in the edition of April 2011. The fact that she has been included in the list of 100 Sexiest Females for the For Him Magazine (FHM) is a testimony to her immense popularity and charm.

3) Lo and Technology Don’t Mix Well:

Lo admits that she is pitifully ill equipped with technology. She has a hard time working online or operating computers.

4) Lo the Book Lover:

Lo loves books and particularly those based on relationship advices. It is quite a shock that her love life has been so terrible up till now with three divorces and one broken engagement, given her love for books which teach about relationships.

5) On the 6

This is the title her first music album got. It held a special significance. Back in college, Lo used to aboard the NY 6 train to travel for her dance auditions. Thus she named her first music album On the 6.

6) Spanish or Not?

Both of her parents are Puertorican. You would expect her to be fluent in Spanish, but she is not. She has much difficulty speaking Spanish language despite it being her mother tongue.

7) Lo is our Role Model:

Unlike most of the Hollywood celebs, Lo does not smoke or drink. Yes, it’s true. Lo is very conscious of her health and she stays away from smoking or drinking. She should be everyone’s role model as she has successfully abstained herself from smoking and drinking in a world where it comes second to breathing only.

8) Lo’s Love Life:

Despite being immensely rich and gorgeous, Jennifer didn’t do quite well in her love life. Her love  life is tainted with three divorces and one failed engagement. She has been dating certain celebrities from showbiz off and on, sadly none of them turned into a long-term and committed relationship.

9) Why is J Lo Called La Guitara?

J Lo is also known as La Guitara. This nickname has been given to her due to the fact that her body resembles a guitar. Her perfectly proportioned body is arched in a way that it bears resemblance to a guitar.

10) J Lo’s Kids:

She is the mother of two twins who are fathered by Lo’s third husband; Singer Marc Anthony. Her twins are named as Emme Maribel Muniz and Maximillian David Muniz. Both twins, however, don’t bear their father’s name for their last name.

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