Facts about Ivy Green

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Ivy Green is the birthplace of Helen Keller, the first woman of courage. Her life is truly inspirational and her childhood home, Ivy Green, which is now a museum, gives us a glimpse into the early years of her life.

Some awe-inspiring facts about Ivy Green are:

  • Ivy green is located in north central Colbert Country in Alabama, 2 miles off Highways 72 and 43.

  • It is on the National register of Historic Places and a permanent shrine.

  • Ivy green grounds still hosts the play ‘œThe Miracle Worker’ by William Gibson and has for 39 years. The play is about Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan. A especially remembered scene is one in which she teaches Helen her first word by letting water flow over her palm while she wrote out the word ‘œwater’ on her palm with her finger. It is supposed to be the life changing day in Helen Keller’s life.

  • Every year for a week in June, since 21 years, Ivy green also holds the ‘œCelebration of life’ festival celebrating Helen Keller’s diverse life.

  • Built in 1820 by Helen Keller’s grandfather, David Keller, the construction is of Virginia cottage type. There are 4 rooms on the ground floor, each with its own room and a large hall connecting them and 3 rooms on the first floor with a similar large hall connecting each of them.

  • The kitchen is an outdoor kitchen and the path from the house to the kitchen is called ‘œwhistle’ path and to the east is the cottage where Helen Keller was born. It has a large hall with French windows and a nursery. The whole area is surrounded by lush greenery including trees like the 150 year old English boxwood, magnolias etc and beautiful flowers like roses, honeysuckles, and of course Ivy from which it receives its name.

  • There are various things of interest to be noticed while walking around the Ivy Green estate including the Lions club international memorial fountain, the ‘œClearing’, the ice house and a gift shop.

  • It is maintained exactly as the original house and still contains the Keller’s furniture and mementos include her complete collection of Braille books and Braille type writer. Even the water pump where Helen Keller learnt her first word is preserved as it is.

  • The museum can be visited between 8:30 and 16:00 with adult entry for 6 dollars, children for 3 dollars and senior citizens and military for 5 dollars each. Group reservation and discount facility is also available.

  • The best time to visit is June when the festival is ongoing as well as not to miss the heart rending play ‘œThe Miracle Worker’.

A walk around Ivy green, reminds us that even surrounded by such beauty and peace a person can be trapped in their inner world of darkness but instead of losing hope one should try the hardest to overcome this diversities by fighting your inner demons, physical and mental and there is no doubt that our more positive self will emerge victorious.

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