Facts About ISLAM

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Fact 1: Muslims believe in only one God who does not have any son or partner. Muslims believe that no one else can be worshipped except God. He is true and all other deities are wrong. His magnificent names are not shared by anyone else, and His attributes are also unique to Him.

Fact 2: Muslims believe that God is the only Almighty who sustains the entire universe and is sovereign. God manages each and every affair, and the creatures depend on Him for their necessities.

Fact 3: God can see everything, can hear everything, and knows everything. God has knowledge on every aspect and everything. There is nothing secret or private for Him. God is described as more merciful than a mother is towards her child.

Fact 4: Muslims believe that God is all wise, and if any human desires something from Him, he or she can request from Him directly without anyone interfering.

Fact 5: Islamism does not accept other beliefs like God has taken rest on the seventh day of creation. Islamism does not feature a human form to God. Muslims do not accept that God was incarnated in human form.

Fact 6: Muslims believe that God is far away from imperfection. According to Islam, God does not sleep or become weary.

Fact 7: The Arabic word ‘œAllah’ means ‘œGod.’ The Arab Muslims and Arab Christians believe that their God is named ‘œAllah.’ This word is not allowed to be used for designating any other thing except the true God.

Fact 8: The word ‘œAllah’ occurs in the Quran about 2,700 times.

Fact 9: The Quran, which is considered as the holy book of Muslims, was thought to have been brought by the angel Gabriel to Muhammad.

Fact 10: Muslims believe that the Quran  was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad for giving guidance to the people of Islam. The protection of the Holy book was promised by God Himself in the book.

Fact 11: Muslims believe in prophets and messengers of God like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and Jesus. The Prophet Mohammad was the last prophet and was given an eternal message.

Fact 12: Muslims also believe in Al-Qadar and the Day of Judgment.

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