Facts About iPhone 6 That You’ve Never Known

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apple-iphone-6-plus-gold-gallery-img-1-bp3-011215I have always loved the idea of purchasing an Apple product. This is not just because it gives the owner prestige and charm and the deceiving look of being rich and classy rather, because it gives one the luxury of time as it contains numerous applications and is multi-functional truthfully free from any form of viruses. It gives the Apple user freedom from the fear of losing important documents, family memorabilia and data. Aside from this, a backup for the user’s files is provided through iCloud.

  1. There is no 32 gigabytes iPhone 6 model. When most iPhone units are available in 16 gigabytes, 32 gigabytes, 64 gigabytes and 128 gigabytes, you have to exempt iPhone 6 this time. Well, I don’t know either what’s the mystery behind Apple’s not creating a 32 GB model for both iPhone 6 and 6 plus.
  2. Colors used in iPhone 5s are also used for iPhone 6 models. In case you have not noticed yet, iPhone6 are available in three colors which are Space Gray that is dark gray and black screen bezel combined; Silver that is accented by a white screen bezel; and, Gold that is accented with white screen bezel and a little white trim on the back. These are the exact colors that are made available for its predecessor.
  3. Ion-strengthened glass” screens. When Apple was rumored to have been using sapphire for iPhone6 model’s display, the company has just claimed to be using an “ion-strengthened glass” to see to it that it can withstand scratching and shattering. In the first place, this is what this product boasts in the market – its durability.
  4. Goodbye sharp edges and flat sides. Apple’s iPhone 6 models are reinventions for the company that has consistently introduced itself to be producing a technology of sharp-edged and flat-sided units.
  5. Hello, thinnest! The trend now in the technological world is a thinner body with a more huge memory and capacity. Well, iPhone 6 is Apple’s rebuttal to the world where size and form are the commodities. iPhone 6 prides itself for gaining the record 6.9 millimeter thickness – the thinnest in its family.
  6. Smarter and faster than Smartphone’s. iPhone6 coveted the pedestal for the fast cellular data capacity. LTE has been implemented in strict order – compulsory for all the models, colors have not been discriminated.
  7. No cash? It can function as a wallet. With the company’s new application where payments are accepted, you can pay bills and processing fees using just your iPhone 6.
  8. Improved iSight camera. The rear camera of iPhone 6 models have been capacitated to reduce noise whenever moments are recorded; 6 plus uses optical stabilization of images while 6 is empowered by digital stabilization. Furthermore, cameras are capable of slow motion recording.
  9. iPhone knows its user. Thumb mark recognition is considerably the best feature that iPhone6 and 6 plus models claim. The hassle of encoding a password for recognition as a user ensures security, Apple offers a leeway for the tardy ones – thumb marks will be good enough for one to fully enjoy all of the model’s functions.
  10. Hi, new accessories! One reason why Apple is a growing company and that it was never stagnant and it still clung to by users is its wisdom of making accessories of each model unique. To simply put, accessories of other models are most of the time unusable to its predecessors and successors – thus, users are forced to purchase new accessories for their devices to be functional. This is the reason why the business remains – people have to buy for specific devices despite all of their stuff are from Apple.

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