Facts about Indonesia

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1. Republic of Indonesia

Officially, Indonesia is known as the Republic of Indonesia. It is an ethnically diverse country with about 300 ethnic groups that are distinctively native. There are more than 740 dialects and languages spoken in Indonesia. Indonesia sits on the Southeast Asia region.

 2. It is a part of Malay Archipelago

Indonesia forms part of Malay Archipelago which spreads 3200 miles from the east to the west. This Archipelago lies between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans and spreads over both sides of the equator. It comprises 17508 islands, of which an estimated 6000 are inhabited. The largest islands on the Archipelago are Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan or the Indonesian Borneo, and the Indonesian section of New Guinea known as Papua.

 3. Forms part of Ring of Fire

Indonesia is part of the Ring of Fire on the Pacific Rim. This country is home to 400 volcanoes of which approximately 150 are active. This is about 75 percent of all volcanoes that are currently active on Earth. An estimated 250 million people live in Indonesia as of 2013. This makes it the 4th most populated country in the world.

 4. Jakarta is the 9th largest City in the World

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and is located on Java Island. This city has a population of about 14 million which makes it the 9th largest city by population in the world. The Java Island holds 60 percent of Indonesia’s population which is about 130 million people. It is the most populated island in the world.

 5. Indonesia’s Highest Point

Indonesia’s highest point is the Puncak Jaya peak which is located on the Papua Island. It is about 16,024 feet above sea level. The country shares land border with Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and East Timor. Indonesia’s economy is dependent on oil and agriculture. An estimated 90 percent of the country’s population engages in agricultural activities.

 6. Tropical Wilderness

The tropical wilderness in Indonesia is home to one of the biggest number of biodiversity on the planet. Its jungle forests are home to Javan rhinoceros, orangutans, giant komodo dragons, leopards, tigers and elephants. Komodo dragons are found on the Komodo Island and attain a length of 3 meters. Indonesia is the only country that houses dragons.

 7. Indonesia’s Biodiversity

Indonesia has the 2nd highest biodiversity on the earth. The longest snake seen on the island measured 10 meters and was seen in 1912. The island is home to the Mudskipper fish which are known to hop, walk, breathe on land and climb trees. It is also home to the largest flower blooms that weigh up to 7 kilograms and attain a 5 foot height and 4 foot width.8. Indonesian Cuisine

The Indonesian cuisine varies broadly by region and is influenced by European, Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Traditional meals involve serving rice with side dishes of vegetables, coconut milk, spices and chicken or fish.

 9. 1st European to reach the Island

Marco Polo became the 1st European to set foot on Indonesia. He travelled to search for spices that were valued in his country. Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch for about 350 years which makes most aged Indonesians to speak Dutch fluently. Numerous Indonesian terms are said to be derived from the Dutch language.

 10. Fanatics of Badminton

Indonesians are badminton fanatics who win gold medals playing this game in Olympic Games. Soccer is also a common sport in Indonesia. The country is also home to the biggest Buddhist temple in the world, the Borobudur temple. This temple was one of the earlier 7 Wonders of the World.

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