Facts about Illiteracy

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Literate nation is a blessing. Where there is no literacy, there is more room for crimes and different unsocial behaviors. All over the world, there have been events arranged to create awareness about education but with all these futile efforts, the issue of illiteracy has some interesting facts and statistics.

Fact 1:

According to a recently conducted survey, every one out of five Americans is functionally an illiterate person. (Think Quest)

Fact 2:

Almost 85% of all the juvenile offenders, a rapidly growing threat to the American law and order, have the problem of illiteracy. (Think Quest)

Fact 3:

In America, more than 70% of the adults cannot read beyond the level of a grade 4 book! (Dosomething.org)

Fact 4:

Healthcare industry in the United States of America is hit at a level of 70 million dollars every year due to problems arising as a result of the illiteracy. (Dosomething.org)

Fact 5:

According to a recent report by UNESCO, there are almost 1 billion non-literate adults in the entire world. (International Literacy Day, 2001)

Fact 6:

On the average, women make up about two third of the total population of the illiterate people all over the world. (International Literacy Day, 2001)

Fact 7:

The National Adult Literacy Survey reveals that almost 44 million Americans cannot even read sufficiently enough to fill forms, read food tags or read fairy tales and bedtime stories to their children. (Ohio Research Center)

Fact 8:

‘œFor every dollar that gets spent on adult illiteracy, society reaps $7.14 in returns ‘” whether through increased revenues or decreased expenditures.’ (L.P, 2006)

Fact 9:

Illiteracy is more of a family running issue rather than a social issue. Illiterate parents are more likely to have illiterate children.

Fact 10:

The ranking of the United States if America in the total 156 United Nations member countries is 49th based upon the rate of literacy. (3 Grisworld, 2008)

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