Facts About Illinois

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Illinois is the 21st state of the United States of America. The state got its name from the Illiniwek Indian tribe which was known to be one of the inhabitants of the state during its early years. Illinois is surrounded by the states of Iowa and Missouri on the western side, Indiana to the eastern side, Wisconsin to the northern side, and Kentucky to the southern side. The state had two capitals before it acquired its latest capital, which is Springfield, and the two capitals were Kaskaskia and Vandala. There are many schools and universities that Illinois has that are located in the different counties found within it.

Fact 1: Illinois has three, huge partitions that include Chicagoland where Chicago is located.

Fact 2: The second largest part of Illinois is known as the downstate. The place has a great contribution to Abraham Lincoln’s history.

Fact 3: The third part of Illinois is not the same with the first two divisions when it comes to the climate. The third part, which is known as Southern Illinois, or others call it ‘œLittle Egypt.’ The climate in this region is warmer than the first two parts.

Fact 4: During the year 1893, the first aquarium was being opened in Chicago, and the first skyscraper was built in the same county during the year 1885.

Fact 5: The very first and the oldest community in Illinois is Peoria.

Fact 6: Square dancing is the state dancing of Illinois.

Fact 7: There are 102 counties to be found in the state of Illinois.

Fact 8: The first McDonald’s in Illinois was built in the county of Des Plaines.

Fact 9: Metropolis is a real-life place found in the southern part of Illinois.

Fact 10: President Ronald Reagan spent his boyhood in Dixon.

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